Ragdoll Games

Immerse yourself in a world where the daredevil in you takes center stage! Punch, shoot, slash, and do incredible feats you never thought possible. Ride a motorcycle and achieve incredible stunts, fight your way through waves of enemies with your bullets bouncing off the wall, or have fun tearing and destroying a defenseless ragdoll. Forget about your worries as most and dive into the fun that our free Ragdoll Games have to offer.

Best Ragdoll Games

What are Ragdoll Games?

Ragdoll Games are a collection of games that relies heavily on ragdoll physics. Ragdoll is a feature found in modern video games where physics laws influence a character or avatar. This allows the game to move the character more realistically while providing an infinite amount of possible motion patterns different from anything animated. Instead of static death sequences, which are usually followed by a game over screen, this feature provides more fun with its usually over the top reaction. Most games in this category are tied with action and violence, as it is the best way to showcase the feature.


Origin of Ragdoll Games

Early video games created death animations manually, resulting in a fixed variety of animations. This was a big advantage for lower models of computers as pre-drawn frames were chosen. But as technology started improving, real-time animations became possible - giving birth to ragdoll physics that add to the realism of death scenes in video games. The term 'ragdoll' comes from the problems where well-built systems with many limits tend to have zero or little movement from what a real body might look like. Which, in turn, leads to a character collapsing like a puppet, often with funny results. Jurassic Park: Trespasser, released in 1998, started the phenomenon, although it had many bugs and got many negative reviews. It pioneered what we know as ragdoll physics in games today.

Hilarious Ragdoll Games

Some of the games in our collection will have you fixating in your ragdoll in no time. Check out these fantastic games that will surely leave you rolling on the floor, laughing.

Drunken Duel 2 - Alcohol and guns are never a combination to be mixed, but in this game, you get to serve a tall glass of pain as you fight your way on a rooftop! Shoot your way through different levels and involve a helicopter!

Ragdoll Gangs - Want to feel like you belong? This free-for-all game will let you fight through a busy street while choosing a fancy costume for your character. Nothing feels more badass than busting five guys in the face with your fists.

House of Hazards - Spice up that mundane household chores by making it into a race! Be careful as most of your housemates will do everything they can to stop you from achieving a simple task. This game will turn your simple morning breakfast into a battle royale.

Whack the Dummy - This game will let you do everything, and we mean everything to a road test dummy. Shoot at him, pound him to your heart’s content. Keep it coming as you will hear sassy remarks of you are not creative enough.

Basket Random - Combine the fun and active movement of basketball with funky ragdoll characters. Try to score more baskets by blocking your opponents movements and forcing your way through.

Rooftop Shooters - Your enemies are hiding far away behind the shadows! Become the shooter that delivers swift justice in this funny ragdoll shooting game. 

Take a break from reality with these comical games. Check out our library of free Ragdoll Games and prepare to laugh your socks off.