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Learn basic education with Baldi, ride a bike with your papa, or enter a prestigious school with a psychopath! With our wide selection of Free Download Games, you'll never get bored. Pick a game, check the system requirements, download and install the file, and play it for free whenever and wherever you are. Most of these downloadable games are designed to be played offline and covers a wide array of categories and gaming genres.

Best Download Games

What are Download Games?

Download Games, or Downloadable Games, are games that you can download for free, and install locally on your PC. Downloaded games can be played anytime as long as the minimum system requirements are met. These games have their individual system requirements, so performance varies depending on the PC's specifications. This category covers almost all different gaming genres including action, multiplayer, simulation, horror, and role-playing. Many of these games are created by independent developers (also known as "Indie" or indie games), demo versions of popular games, and fan-based titles. 


Reasons to Download Games

There are many advantages to Downloaded Games. Games that are stored on your local PC can be played any time despite your internet connection. That means you can play in places with no wi-fi, or have bad internet receptions. Because they are not dependent on your internet signal, you will have faster loading time and smoother gameplay. You can also copy the downloaded file and put it on a flash drive so you can bring it with you or share it with your friends. Plus, you might discover wonderful indie games that are just under the radar.

PC Requirements

While different games have their own individual requirements and minimum specifications to play the game, you will need an archive manager to extract the games and install them on your system. Our wide list of downloadable games requires the Windows operating system as well as an archive manager or compression tools like WinZip, WinRar, or 7z.

How to Install Downloaded Games

If you already have all the necessary files and have met the individual requirements of the game you want, then it's time to download the game. Here is a step-by-step guide to install your game.

  • Download - Just press the big download button on the page of the game you want.
  • Access - Open the folder directory of the newly downloaded game.
  • Extract - Our files will be in a .zip file format. You must extract everything from the file into an empty folder.
  • Install - Find the files inside and open the game installer and follow the setup instructions.
  • Play - If there are no game installers or if you are already done installing the game, just look for the game executable file and start playing.

Downloadable Games to Try

SCP - Containment Breach is a single-player survival horror game created by Joonas Rikkonen back in 2012. This open-source indie game features a wide variety of horrifying creatures with various supernatural abilities and characteristics. Despite the out-dated graphics, the game is a lot scarier than many popular titles. If you are into horror games, then this is a title that you should definitely try.

BeamNG.Drive Tech Demo is an immersive driving simulation video game with ultra-realistic graphics and physics engine. This open-world vehicle simulation game was released back in 2015. Beam.NG is considered as one of the best vehicle simulation games that are capable of doing just about anything you can think of. This demo version features limited vehicles to play and area to explore. If you are planning to buy the full version of the game, then it's better to try the Demo first.

Ravenfield is a 2017 tactical first-person shooter video game that incorporates ragdoll physics. This early version of Ravenfield showcases blocky graphics, as well as very limited weapons and areas. However, Ravenfield features intense military shootout. If you are hungry for some intense action, then this game will definitely satisfy you.

Mario Editor is a fun little tool that allows you to create your very own Mario level and share it with the rest of the world. Initially released back in 2016 by Hellofangaming, this fan-made game became increasingly popular as it allows players to exercise their imaginations and create awe-inspiring levels. The game shares many similarities to the 2015 Super Mario Maker, but Mario Editor is more versatile because it is a downloadable PC game.