IO Games

Play with other players around the globe at the same time in these IO games! Battle for the top score and earn points within the game to gain a position on the scoreboard. These web-based .IO games feature immersive environments that let you play with other players at the same time. The browser games also have smooth gameplay in a massive arena with several hundreds of other players worldwide all competing for the highest score possible in real-time!


Background of .IO Games

The first IO game ever created was back in 2015. It was released on a large internet forum by Brazilian developer Matheus Valadares and later acquired by MiniClip. This .io game features simple gameplay mechanics where you control a single colored cell and try to eat all smaller cells to become bigger. Later in 2016, Matheus also released, which is a tank game where you destroy other players to level up. 

The success of interested other developers to create similar real-time io games. In 2016, United States based developer Steven Howse, released the game In this game, your goal is to simply survive and become the largest and longest snake, by sliding around and eating glowing orbs. The gameplay is similar to the classic snake game with better graphics and the ability to play with others in real-time.

Over the years, several other hit .io games were released, such as,,,,,, and many others. We included them all on Arcade Spot!

Elements of .IO Games

There are common elements among .IO games. Some of these similarities include:

  • game play is within an arena with other players
  • players grow by eating other players
  • the game runs in evergreen browsers using the latest technologies
  • players battle with others at the same time in a multiplayer environment

Popular .IO Games

Here are some IO games that you just have to see! These are popular among the players on this site. is an .io game based on the Flash platform. It was developed and released by Chaz in 2016. In this game you take control of a ball and the goal is to push all other balls off the map. 

In you take control of a black hole and try to consume various objects! The goal is to grow and become the biggest black hole! This game features cool battle royale mechanics.

The FPS game Shell Shockers is where you take control of a fragile egg. The goal in this shooter .io game is to destroy all the other fragile eggs in the arena and make it to the top of the leaderboard. This game is released by the Egg and Dairy Ministry of Belarus.

Similar to game, the Russian developer Neodinamika released Little Big Snake, which brings similar gameplay and a few improvements. In this game you collect as many orbs as needed to become the biggest snake on the planet.

There are also many Fortnite and PUBG inspired io games. The popular games in this genre are Zombs Royale and Gather up the people, fight with your resources, and defend your lives to be the last players standing!