Sports Games

Play your favorite sports games and become the athlete of your dreams. Run a marathon, compete in a race, join a baseball league, or go on swimming - we got everything from mountain skiing to deep water diving and beyond. Experience extreme sports like skateboarding, water skiing, paragliding, and more without putting yourself in danger, and without requiring your parents' approval.

Best Sports Games

What are Sports Games?

Any game that emulates traditional physical sports like baseball, basketball, rugby, golf, hockey, skateboard, tennis, etc. is under the video-gaming genre called Sports Games. Most games in this genre put the player in the shoes of the participant and emphasize playing the sport. Some games focus on the strategy behind the sport, while others deal with managing the individual participant or participating teams. Just like real-world sports, these games are extremely competitive.


Origin of Sports Games

The first-ever sports video game was created by William Higinbotham in 1958, the game was called Tennis for Two. This historical game can be played in the most unusual way using an electronic instrument called Oscilloscope. Almost a decade after, electro-mechanical sports games were introduced and games like Taito's Crown Soccer Special (1967) and Sega's Grand Prix (1969) were published. By the beginning of the 21st century, the popularity of extreme sports soared high and titles like the 1996 Alpine Surfer hit the arcades.

Types of Sports Games

There is a total of five official types of Sports Games. Below is the list of the different types and their unique characteristics.

  • Arcade - Focuses on quick gameplay and emphasizes high score. Usually unrealistic.
  • Simulation - Pursues realism and tends to be slower-paced compared to the other types.
  • Management - Puts the player in the role of a team manager. Focuses on strategy, tactics, and financial issues.
  • MultiSport - Collection of sports that usually belong to a single theme (e.g. Winter Sports)
  • Sports-based Fighting - Boxing, wrestling, and other traditional fighting sports. Also under the genre Fighting Games.

Be the MVP

You don't need years of training to become the MVP! Compete in the field you want and become the best athlete with your fingers as you play. Football Headz Cup is a fun simplified football game with chibi characters and cartoon graphics. This funny sports game is a great way to introduce your young kids to sports. If you are looking for a light-hearted game to entertain your kids then try out the sports-based arcade game Skeeball. All you need to do is roll up the ball to the ramp and have it land on the desired spot. Play basketball with Spongebob and the Ninja Turtles in Nick Basketball Stars. Join the tournament and take your favorite Nick Cartoon to the top.

Play one of the biggest online pool games and compete against the best in the field. 8 ball Pool Multiplayer features customizable pools and powered cues that take the sport to the next level. Take it to the waters and dive from the top of a cliff in style with Flip Diving by MotionVolt Games Ltd. 2QWOP is one of the most popular free Sports Games available on our site. In this funny game, you must separately control the ragdoll's limbs so it can run properly in the 100-meter track against another player. Our huge library comes complete with all kinds of cool Sports Games for all ages.