Adventure Games

Who is up for an adventure? Go on a mighty quest to slay a dragon, save the princess, or create an empire as you play one of these free Adventure Games. Whatever world you fancy and whatever life you want to live, we got it all for you. Live a fantasy life, go across the vast galaxy, defeat horrendous monsters, escape captivity or flee from your pursuers. Pick a game and let the epic journey begin.

Best Adventure Games

What are Adventure Games?

Adventure Games are story-driven games where the player assumes the role of a protagonist in either a linear or non-linear interactive story. Titles under this category are usually driven by exploration that usually contains puzzles and sometimes even combat and action. This genre focuses heavily on the story that is oftentimes based on narrative-based media such as literature and film. Most of the time, Adventure Games narrate a story of overcoming hardship, struggle, and challenges of the protagonist. Under this genre, you can find a variety of sub-genres like Escape the Room, Text Adventures, and interactive Visual Novels.


Origin of Adventure Games

Unlike literary and film where genres are defined by the target audience, in Video-Games genres are defined by its gameplay. The genre that we now know as "Adventure Game" originated from the classic text-based computer software called Colossal Cave Adventure that was developed back in 1975. In that classic title, the player is tasked with two things; finding the hidden wealth inside a mysterious cave, and going back out alive. Colossal Cave Adventure, more commonly known simply as "Adventure", pioneered a playstyle that was so unique during that time that it was imitated countless times and thus creating its own genre that we now know. JustAdventures, and AdventureGamers are two of the most popular sites dedicated to the discussion and review of the myriad of titles falling into this genre. 

Components of Adventure Games

Today, this genre is defined to have elements of puzzle-solving, problem-solving, narrative story-telling or interactive story, and exploration. In this genre, the player assumes the role of the story's protagonist, who is usually the hero of the story and features collection or manipulation of various objects and items that will assist in the journey or quest. Although it is confusing to a degree, it is best to note that the Adventure genre is distinct from RPGs, as the former lacks the emphasis on combat, resulting in the absence of numeric mechanics, skill systems, and other factors.  Many hybrid titles exist that feature both action and adventure, and even RPG elements, these titles are known under a different category altogether: Action-Adventure Games and RPG-Adventure Games respectively.

Hidden Gems of Adventure Games

If you are looking for unique Adventure Games to play but hate the over-saturated and over-popular titles, then you better start your adventure with a light-hearted adventure in the form of a prison break. Fleeing the Complex is a funny title that tells the story of a too-wise-for-his-own-good thief who is trying to escape the prison complex. Although the scenes are filled with action, the player's objective is to simply guide the thief by choosing the right course of action. As a bonus, there are plenty of ways to escape the prison, and your goal is to unlock all endings - even the bad ones.

If you are into hybrid titles, then you might like the idea of traveling across the country and fixing people's teeth with Glenn Martin Dental Adventure. Drill teeth, fill up cavities, clean the mouth, and use your dental skills to help people across eight destinations. Go on a wild dental journey and meet new people along the way.  This fun dental simulation and adventure game gives an entirely new meaning to the word "adventure". Otherwise, you might want to try out Paper Minecraft and explore a randomly generated world.