Multiplayer Games

Play with your friends and family with our wide selection of free Multiplayer Games. Go online and explore a new world and solve puzzles together with a group of associates or battle it out online with a team of strangers. Call your friends over and play to your heart's content in an offline local hot-seat multiplayer game. If you don't feel like going solo, then pick a game, socialize with others and share the fun.

Best Multiplayer Games

What are Multiplayer Games?

Multiplayer Games are videogames that can be played by more than one person at the same time in a single gaming environment. This gaming genre is divided into two types: Local Multiplayer, and Online Multiplayer. One of the earliest local multiplayer titles is the classic two-player sports video game called Tennis For Two that was released back in 1958. Online Multiplayer Games include MMOs (Massive Multiplayer Online), IO titles, Online Battle Royales, and other team-based and competitive games that require a stable network connection.


History of Multiplayer Games

Real-time multi-user titles weren't developed until around the 1970s. Before that time, multiplayer games are mostly played in a local unit or gaming console. An early example of local multiplayer is the space-themed combat shooter Spacewar! that was released back in 1962. Some of the earliest large-scale networked multiplayer games include the StarTrek-based title called STAR, a naval war simulation called OCEAN, and a Dungeons and Dragons-style RPG called CAVE - all of which were developed and released around the 70s.

Multiplayer Games cover a wide array of gaming genres, some of the most popular genres are shooting and racing. The 2003 Warcraft III Mod known as Defense of the Ancient (or simply DotA) fanned the popularity of a new multiplayer sub-genre called MOBA which eventually gave rise to other similar games. Other phenomenal titles include the 2009 Minecraft and some mods for ARMA 2 (2009) gave rise to the popularity of multiplayer survival and battle royales by the mids of the 2010s. 

Multiplayer Games are further divided into two different categories - based on the way the players are connected with each other.

Offline Multiplayer Games (Local)

Also known as Single-System Multiplayer, players share a single gaming unit (console or PC). This is possible by either using different controls (via new controllers or different assigned keys, with split-screen features) or by taking turns in playing (turn-based). Hotseat games often refer to the latter. Our most popular local multiplayer games include the 2D fighting game Super Smash Flash, turn-based board game Monopoly, and the iconic two-player puzzle Co-Op Fireboy and Watergirl.

Online Multiplayer Games (Networked)

Networked Multiplayer allows the players to interact with hundreds of players from across the world by connecting to a single internet server or wired network technology (like LAN). In the case of LAN or Local Area Network, the gaming units or consoles must be connected via cable or must be within each other's proximity by using the Wireless LAN (WLAN) technology. Because of the obvious physical limitations of the local networks, games that utilize LAN technology are not as popular as those that use an internet network. The world's largest MMO game, Lineage (1998), boasted over 19 million registered players, while the 2008 World of Warcraft has over 10 million players worldwide. Our most-played Online Multiplayer Games include the racing and driving simulation Madalin Stunt Cars 2, the zombie-themed battle royale survival called Zombs Royale IO, and the first-person hide-and-seek shooter called Hunter and Props.