Strategy Games

Test your gaming intellect and apply strategy and tactics in real-time. Experience waging large scale wars, managing businesses, building defensive turrets, creating the ultimate card deck, and overcoming your foes with nothing but your brains and wits. Enjoy our wide selection of awesome Strategy Games from tycoons and war games to deck building and board games. Outsmart your enemies whoever they are.

Best Strategy Games

What are Strategy Games?

Strategy Games is a popular video-game genre that focuses on decision making, planning, and skillful thinking to achieve victory or certain outcomes. Most free Strategy Games require critical thinking and high situational awareness and involve the application of tactics on a much wider scale. This genre has eleven recognized subgenres:

  • 4X (Empire type game: eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate)
  • Artillery
  • Auto battler (auto chess)
  • Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA)
  • Real-Time Strategy (RTS)
  • MMORTS (Massive Multiplayer Online RTS)
  • Real-Time Tactics (RTT)
  • Tower Defense (TD)
  • Turn-based Strategy (TBS)
  • Turn-based Tactics (TBT)
  • Grand Strategy Wargames

Establish an Empire

Creating a massive empire with a balance between strong military presence and culture is not an easy feat. This requires the player to plan the growth of an empire, secure precious resources, expand the territory, and even tackle diplomacy. Turn-based empire-building games with a layout similar to board games are generally called 4X Strategy Games. 4X refers to eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate. Although Sid Meier's Civilization was the first title to popularized the genre back in 1991, the term (4X) was first used in 1993 by Alan Emrich in his preview of Master of Orion. 

On the other hand, empire-building titles that revolve around gathering resources quickly, building bases, and producing units in real-time fall under the subcategory Real-Time Strategy (RTS). While many argue to use the term Real-Time Tactics (RTT), RTS is a very popular genre that includes popular titles like Age of Empires (1997), and StarCraft (1998). Santa & Claus: Red Alert is an excellent Christmas-themed real-time strategy game based on the popular 1996 title Command & Conquer: Red Alert by Virgin Interactive Entertainment.

Sortie Into the Battlefield

Strategy Games that focus on military strategy, army movement, and spending national resources belong to the popular sub-genre called Grand-Strategy Wargames. War Zone Online Risk Game takes the classic strategy board game Risk (1957) to a new level by adding some modern features such as online multiplayer support - making it more competitive. Warfare 1944 is a cool historical wargame based on the events of World War 2. In Warfare 1944, you must send your troops in various lanes to push the war to your favor. The missions and scenarios are based on the actual war that happened during the years 1939-1945. If you fancy taking the role of platoon leader then check out WW1 Battle Simulator. This game focuses on the proper placement of troops to overcome the hurdles of the battlefield and win the war

Build an Impenetrable Defense

Defense games focus on managing the limited resources carefully to survive wave after wave of enemy onslaught. In Tower Defense, commonly referred simply as TD, the player must build defensive turrets, traps, contraptions, and establishments on or along the path of attack to hinder or stop the enemies known as creeps. This sub-genre became phenomenally popular sometime between 2007 and 2008 when a series of mobile apps and browser-based games of the genre emerged such as the popular Bloons Tower Defense by Ninja Kiwi. Bloons Tower Defense 5 is the fifth installment of the tower defense series. In this game, you must defend your base against a swarm of Bloons (balloons of different colors and variety). If you are a fan of Mojang's 2009 sensational title, Minecraft, then you'll absolutely want to try Minecraft Tower Defense. Minecraft Tower Defense is among our most-played Tower Defense Strategy Games. Try to protect your blocky home from the creeping creepers and roaming zombies.