Mobile Games

Play on your mobile device without downloading any apps or files. Our wide variety of mobile games include fast-paced titles that will test your reaction speed, puzzles that will exercise your brain, and relaxing experiences that will calm your nerves. All these games are perfect for players on the go. As long as you have a phone or a tablet with you, you can play and have fun at any time.

Best Mobile Games

What are Mobile Games?

Mobile Games is a general category covering all games that work on mobile phones, mobile tablets, and even other devices such as portable media players and smartwatches. These games work on any browser on any device as long as they are supported and compatible. Most mobile games today require the players to download an application via an app store. Back in 2014, HTML5 was initially released allowing various software and gaming titles to be played on mobile browsers without the need for the players to download or set up the files. This started a boom in the mobile gaming industry and inspired many other platforms and gaming engines to follow. This later gave rise to mobile cross-platform titles such as Hearthstone (2014) and the 2016 cross-platform feature of Minecraft Realms.


History of Mobile Games

In 1994, a mobile variant of the popular 1984 Tetris was released on Denmark-made mobile phone Hagenuk MT-2000 device. However, it is not until 1997 that mobile gaming became widespread thanks to Nokia's very successful Snake that even inspired many modern arcade titles. By the early 2000s, downloadable mobile games became very popular, but it was the launch of the iOS App Store in 2008 that broadened the mobile gaming market and paved the way to the mobile content marketplace we now use today. This radical change in the market gave rise to many popular mobile games such as Arena of Valor (2015) with more than 200 million user-base, and the highly successful Angry Birds (2009) that we all know and love.

Limitations of Mobile Games

When compared to mainstream PC and console, Mobile Games are small in size and in scope. Most free mobile games prioritize gameplay and innovative design rather than visual and audio quality because of the memory and storage limitations of mobile phones and platforms. Fortunately, phones and mobile devices are becoming more powerful year after year, allowing developers to create quality mobile titles with console-level graphics. 

Most Played Mobile Games

Addicting Mobile Games are the perfect fix to a boring afternoon. These are the most popular and well-loved titles on the site.

Pokemon Mega is an unofficial 2017 Pokemon game by ZuesGame. This turn-based online RPG is based on the Pokemon franchise and has a huge player-base. However, unlike all the other Pokemon titles, Pokemon Mega has automated combat and is completely free to play. If you are up for a colorful adventure then check out one of our most loved Mobile Games on the site - Dynamons 3. Also known as Dynamons World, this game features turn-based battles, collectible pets, and more.

Relax and take a break with the 2010 physics puzzler Cut the Rope. This popular title features the iconic Om Nom the frog. The goal is to simply feed the frog with the candies by cutting ropes all around. Cut the Rope has more than 100 levels to complete, so you won't get bored easily.

If you are a fan of the popular 2009 Minecraft by Mojang, then you'll surely appreciate this awesome mobile game Minecraft Online. Survive, build, and thrive in a randomly generated world and make it your own. Collect resources and build just about anything you want - just like the official game.