Shooting Games

Blow off some steam by completing a variety of shooting challenges with our collection of awesome Shooting Games. Equip yourself with modern guns and win a game of Team Deathmatch with your squad. Travel across time and grab yourself a bow and some arrows to defend against the legion of enemies. Steady your aim and accurately shoot down the bad guys some hundreds of meters away with your sniper rifle, or destroy an entire fortress with your cannons and catapults. Whatever weapon you choose, we got it all for you.

Best Shooting Games

What are Shooting Games?

Shooting Games, or Shooter Games, is a subgenre of Action Games. This genre covers games where the players' avatars engage in combat with a variety of ranged weapons that are usually in the form of firearms and other long-range weapons like bows, cannons, grenades, etc. Shooting and defeating opponents with the weapon given to the player, without the player dying, is a common goal among shooter games. Players may face against AI-controlled enemies, or against avatars of other players. The competitive nature of this genre often tests the player's spatial awareness, reflexes, and speed, among other relative skills and abilities.


Your Favorite Shooting Games

Whether you prefer a realistic experience in a 3D environment or go retro with 16bit pixel shooters, we got plenty of options available and popular titles for you to play. Do you have the necessary ability to survive dangerous combat situations, or will you just jump into the fray with your overwhelming firepower?

Shoot'em Up Madness - Side-Scrolling and Fixed Shooters 

Shoot'em Ups, also known as Shmup and commonly abbreviated as STG, is a subgenre where the player must combat against a huge number of opponents while avoiding constant enemy fire and rain of bullets. The 1962 Spacewar! by Steve Russell is one of the earliest examples of Shoot'em up. The popular 1981 retro shooter Galaga belongs to this subgenre.

Immersive Shooting Experience - First Person Shooters

Experience the action first-hand in the eyes of the protagonist. FPS games are centered around weapon-based combat seen in the first-person perspective. The earliest known first-person shooter is the computer game called Maze War which was developed back in 1973. The 2017 Ravenfield is one of the most popular first-person shooters on our site. This downloadable game takes the player right in the center of the battlefield where soldiers fight over control of the area.

If you are looking for the traditional competitive team-based shooter, Army Force Strike, formerly known as Call of Duty Online, features Squad-based game modes like Team Death Match, Control Points, and many others. Along with its beautiful 3D graphics and high-player base, this game is among the most played Shooting Games on our site.

Shoot them in the Head - Zombie Shooters

Nothing is more satisfying than blowing up some undead heads. Zombs Royale is a top-down zombie survival game where you must team up with other players to survive. Developed by American studio End Game in 2018, this game features a capacity of 100 players running around on the same map. Zombies IO is a great co-op Zombie Shooter where the goal is to flee the zombie-infested area before nightfall. Doom 3 is a very popular horror first-person shooter released back in August 2004. In this game, you must battle a horde of monstrosities and demonic forces to complete your mission on a research facility located on the planet Mars. 

One-Man Standing - Battle Royale Shooters

A Battle Royale is an online shooter game that blends survival and exploration with last-mand standing gameplay. Standalone games like the 2017 Fortnite Battle Royale and Player Unknown's Battle Ground (PUBG) made this subgenre extremely popular. Mini Royale 2 is a popular browser-based battle royale game that will pit you against dozens of players from across the globe in a matter of seconds. This online Battle Royale shooting game requires no download and no registration to play.