Racing Games

Put the pedal to the metal as you ride in all sorts of vehicles. Go on an adrenaline-filled drive across the spacious airport as you parade your fancy supercar, or participate in a high-speed chase scenario while riding a police car. With our huge selection of awesome Racing Games, you can race on a traditional circuit course, take the race into the waters, or take the competition to the skies with rockets and planes. Go for gold and always aim for the first place.

Best Racing Games

What are Racing Games?

Racing Games is a gaming category where the players are involved in a racing competition. The race can be under any kind of environment, or with any kind of vehicle. The players may drive on land with a car, travel the waters by boat, soar the skies with a plane, or explore space via rockets and ships. Depending on the type, Racing Games sometimes overlap with the Sports Game and Simulation game genres. Online Racing Games are highly competitive where the players either race against other players or enemy AIs for the first position or complete a course in a set amount of time and establish a new record. 


Ready, Set, Go!

We understand why you love competitive Racing Games. You like to the thrill of going fast and satisfy your hunger for speed. What started as a simple two-player racing game known as Space Race by Atari in July 1973, Multiplayer Racing Games has now evolved into a highly competitive gaming genre. Nothing beats the thrill of being in the driver seat and this is what this category is all about. So buckle up your seat belts and put your game face on.

Burning Rubber - Addicting Car Games

When it comes to racing, cars are what most people think of first. Whether it's on a busy highway or on a circuit track, there is nothing like the adrenaline that realistic Racing Games offer. Drift Challenge is a different kind of racing challenge. In this game, you must reach the required points by drifting before the timer runs out. For younger kids, Cars 2 lets you play as Lightning McQueen's himself and take part in the World Grand Prix - just like the 2011 Pixar film.

Bikes and Stunts

Take the thrill to the next level with bikes and motorbike games. Perform various stunts as you go 200 miles per hour in two wheels! Moto Trails Offroad 2 is a fantastic 3D motorbike game where you must travel across rough terrain filled with obstacles and ramps to reach the finish line before the time runs out. And guess what? Mario is up for the challenge too! Take control of Mario and reach the end of the track without crashing in Mario Bros Motorbike.

Eat my Water Sprinkle! - Water Racing Games

If you're not into the dust and dirt of racing, then take the competition in the water! Ride on a speedboat together with Sonic and Tails in Sonic Rush Adventure and try to reach the goal as fast as possible. Or you can simply slide your way to the end - just like in this cool multiplayer game called AquaPark IO. In this colorful IO game, all you need to do is be the first player to reach the end of the giant water slide. You can push others off the slide, or use the geyser to launch yourself up and splash dive to the pool for instant victory.