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Massive multiplayer games, or MMOs as they are popularly known, bring you to an enormous environment where adventure awaits. Games in this genre feature a huge and persistent open world, where it constantly evolves. You can interact with the environment and compete or cooperate with other like-minded players. Farm with your friends, create an entire city, battle against your enemies, or go on a wild fantasy journey as you shape the very foundation of the world you are trying to play in! Take the leap and socialize as you play one of our free MMO Games.

Best MMO Games

What are MMO Games?

MMO Games is an abbreviation of the term Massive Multiplayer Online Games. Massive, as the word suggests is an adjective that describes something huge or enormous. Most Massive Multiplayer Games are just that, Big! Many worlds and so many things to do that one sitting are not enough to go through a vast array of choices and objectives for a single player. That's the reason why almost, if not all, of these games group players in one set to reach an objective. MMO's are not focused on a sole genre but mostly a combination of various video game genres. MMO Games take into consideration the social aspect of playing and heavily encourages player-to-player interactions.


Origin of MMO Games

MMO’s or Massive Multiplayer Online Games are games that stem from Text-based adventure games, Dungeons and Dragons, and earlier social games. 1974 provided the birth of Mazewar, the first virtual graphic world, a first-person shooter with a maze in which players must find a way out and shoot at each other. Players with different computers can interact with each other with the use of a serial cable. Still, it was so limited that developers enhanced the experience using ARPAnet, the modern internet granddaddy.

The game Adventure was created as a text game where you need to ready clues written in text to interact with objects and find your way out of a dizzying system of caves. In the summer of 1977, Zork was created as an offshoot of Adventure. Minimal clues and one point of interest was given to players to be immersed in the world. As the technology caught up with game makers' visions, game designers wanted to bring players together. Neverwinter Nights came to the scene and provided a role-playing experience never seen before in the game world. After creating your character in the game, a screen provides you with text interactions, names, and statuses of your party's current members. Battles are moved to a full-screen mode where icons show in the course of the battle.

Fun and Free MMO Games You Shouldn't Miss.

MMO’s provide players with encounters that it's easy to get lost in this colossal setting. Some of the games in this library provide you with the same experience as you get lost in wonder and manage all. GoodGame Empire is a strategy game that allows you to build your kingdom from scratch and rise as an empire. Recruit armies to protect your castle and conquer others to expand your power. Fight or build alliances and be the mightiest king of all! If you prefer a nostalgic old-school approach, then check out Pokemon World 3D! Dive into the Pokemon universe where you roam, catch your favorite Pokemon, and battle to be the very best.

Now, if you are looking to play with your friends for a wild Saturday night, Browser Guest, Crazy Royale Battleground, and Blocky Gangster Warfare will give you hours of bro bonding moments filled with shooting and exploration to fill your heart’s content. If your enemies' utter destruction is what you are into, then no need to look further than Freefall Tournament. This MMOFPS game will provide you with the intense and fast-paced team-based combat that will determine the winner. Play as a space marine and use a variety of tools to deliver the winning blow.

Three’s a company, as the saying goes, but not with these games. So grab a friend or maybe ten as you check out the awesome MMO Games on our site.