Mario Games

Are you up for an adventure with Mario and his friends? Step into the shoes of the legendary gaming character Mario, and his brother, Luigi, and go on a quest with his friends. Go on a long and thrilling adventure, create an impossible level and challenge your friends, or participate in a high-speed race with our vast library of free Mario games.

Best Mario Games

What are Mario Games?

Mario Games is a gaming category that features the iconic Italian plumber "Mario". This category covers a range of different challenges, adventures, and genres including fighting games, racing games, role-playing games, and puzzlers, on top of the traditional 2D platformer. Games in these categories revolve around the life of Mario or feature the characters from the Mario gaming franchise. Most games in this category follow the traditional formula of the franchise where the protagonist, Mario, must go on an adventure to rescue a captive princess (usually Princess Peach or Princess Daisy) from a villain (who is usually Bowser).

Origin of Mario

Mario is a famous fictional character created by Japanese video game designer Mr. Shigero Miyamoto. As the main protagonist of the Mario video game franchise, Mario is the crown-jewel character and the mascot of Nintendo. Mario is an Italian plumber with a short and chubby physique and wears a long-sleeved red shirt, with a pair of blue overalls. He is mostly accompanied by his fraternal twin brother and sidekick named Luigi, that wears identical overalls but with different colour-scheme that is a contrast to his brother. Unlike Mario, Luigi features a tall and thin physique.