HTML5 Games

Action adventures, Side-scrollers, Tower Defense, and a lot more games can now be played anytime and anywhere. Gone are the days where gamers need to have a specific system to play. HTML5 Games break the barriers and offer a bond that you cannot find anyplace else. Jump into the fray and interact with casual, and hard-core players alike. Our free HTML5 games will surely get you into the thick of the action.

Best HTML5 Games

What are HTML5 Games?

HTML5 Games is a collection of games that uses HTML5, or the fifth generation of Hypertext Markup Language, as its game engine. With the discontinuation of Flash, which most developers used to create games, most game creators started using this relatively new platform. HTML5 features a more secured system with a vast range of compatibility. Games using this platform can be easily played through smartphones, desktops, and any mobile browser. HTML5 offers more freedom for designers and better connectivity for gamers. Since today's users look for games that are accessible, convenient, and work on most platforms, HTML5 has carved a niche in the gaming world.


Key Features of an HTML5 Game

HTML5 Games is a sub-category of Browser games or Browser-based Games. Any game that uses HTML5 as its gaming platformer automatically belongs to this category. As such, this category covers all types of video game genres. One of this platform's significant features is its portability and compatibility - allowing games to be played on multiple, different devices, web browsers, and operating systems. Most games under this category appeal to both the casual and regular gamer. 
Because of its flexible game engine, games created with HTML5 do not need a separate installation - and most of them are free to play. Multiplayer HTML5 games have an additional focus on social interaction, either between several players or on a massive scale. Highlighting user-friendly features, they are often played in more frequent, shorter sessions than your traditional video games. HTML5 games give you what you want from video games accessibility and connectivity wherever. You can access HTML5 games seamlessly on a variety of devices like phones, PCs, Laptops, and other smart devices with web browsers. HTML5 opens different possibilities otherwise not available from consoles and hardware-specific games. 

History of HTML5 Games

In 1995, FutureWave Software, a software company that wanted to challenge Macromedia's Shockwave program, modified its SmartSketch software to include frame by frame tools used for animation. Together with the release of the ActionScript programming language, developers were able to create web-based games. A different dimension was added to these video games when Sun Microsystems launched HotJava, a browser that ran Java programs. One of the most popular websites to run Java was, hosting various games like Chess, Checkers, and FreeCell. With rapid site growth, companies started to take notice. Registered users started increasing from November to December 1997. And in 1998, Yahoo bought the company and renamed it Yahoo Games, the company responsible for the online poker boom in the early 2000s. Microsoft, not wanting to be outgunned, bought a small gaming website called "The Village", and rebranded it as Internet Gaming Zone that features card and board games similar to Yahoo Games. While recognized because of its notable series of puzzle games called Bejeweled, it was deemed more complicated than necessary because users needed to download special software to make the games work.
With better and higher internet speed, Game Developers had more liberty and began experimenting with high-end games and console demos. Early flash and HTML games are recreations of classic Video games like Pac-Man and Frogger. As the years go by, multiple games received attention through shock comedy or real-world events, particularly in the 1990s and 2000s. 

On October 28, 2014, another programming language was released - the 5th generation of HTML, or the HTML5 we know today. Game developers heavily favored the new platform because it gives cutting-edge features like 2D and 3D graphics, better sound, and offline support. It gave the developers freedom to create games faster. 

HTML5 games may sound like a novelty, but our library shows you that it's no passing craze.

Remembering Yesterday - Classic HTML5 Remakes

Nostalgia hits like a wave! Tetris HTML5 is a cool and free remake of one of the most popular games of all time, with improved effects and graphics. Set a new high score and clear as many lines as possible. Play a game based on the popular franchise with Super Mario Run. Run as fast as you can and avoid getting burned. Ready to eat some candy? Cut The Rope is a physics game that relies on gravity. With the placement of monsters and candies add to the challenge, finish all 150 levels! Want to show everyone that you are the master of cards? Tingly Solitaire gives you the same beloved solitaire game with polished artwork and smoother animations. 

Test Your Patience - Skill-based HTML5

Challenge yourself with our beloved yellow bird in Flappy Bird 3D. Avoid the pipes and keep the bird flying. Earn medals and brag them to your friends. Once taking the internet by storm, Bottle Flip Challenge tests your skill and hand control. Flip as many bottles without the worry of getting wet or glass shattering everywhere.

Adobe Flash might be gone, but with HTML5 games, the possibilities are limitless.