Fighting Games

Fight your way to top as you put your combat skills to the test. Join a tournament, participate on a street brawl, or rescue a damsel in distress using your fists. Our free Fighting Games include barehand combat, weapon-based fighting, fighting sports, classic beat'em ups, 3D Brawlers, and even online arenas. Realize every men's (and some women's) dream of becoming the strongest in the world as you play one of these awesome Fighting Games.

Best Fighting Games

What are Fighting Games?

Fighting Games is a gaming category based around armed and unarmed close combat between a limited number of characters, battling inside a fixed stage, or in an area with a clear boundary. In this genre, players are represented by a specific avatar in which they must fight against the avatar of other players' or against computer AI to achieve their goal. This genre covers all kinds of fighting games including competitive one-on-one fighting and sports-based competition, as well as games involving fights with multiple opponents like beat'em up arcades, hack and slash titles, and even action-based adventure games and some ARPGs.


History of Fighting Games

The genre initially started from Sega's 1976 boxing game called Heavyweight Champ. The original game features two boxers fighting side by side - displayed in a monochrome sprite, that is quite cool during the time. Another early example is the Vectorbeam's arcade game called Warrior, that was released back in October 1979, and features top-down perspective on sword fighting duels. And in June 1984, Data East published the game Karate Champ, also known as Karate Dō. Karate Champ popularized one on one fighting games, as well as martial arts to the video gaming industry. From there, fighting games continued to evolve by bringing new gaming mechanics, innovative systems, and of course, better graphics.

Today, Fighting Games is one of the biggest video game genres and includes many popular titles, franchises, and game series like Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. (1999), Midway's Mortal Kombat (1992), Namco's Tekken (1994), Capcom's Street Fighter (1987), and Team Ninja's Dead or Alive (1996) to name a few. 

Awesome Crossover Fighting Games to Try

Super Smash Flash 2 is among the most-played title in our site. This cool game features characters from classic game heroes to famous anime protagonists and pit them against each other in one epic crossover battle. The game also features real-time online multiplayer combat where you get to fight against other players from across the globe. Unfortunately, because it still uses Flash technology, finding another player to play with might take a long time. Fairy Tail vs One Piece is another popular game with a similar to Super Smash Flash. However, this game only focuses on the characters of two viral anime series. On the other hand, Super Brawl 3: Good vs Evil is a fun-filled action game by Nickelodeon, the game features four different game modes: Story mode, free play, multiplayer, and training. Pick a side and choose from a full roster of cartoon characters from various Nickelodeon shows.

Kid-Friendly Action

If you love action but hate the violence, then check out Extreme Thumb War. This exciting one-button game lets you compete against other players from across the globe with your virtual thumbs. Dynamons 3, now called Dynamons World, is another kid-friendly game. This turn-based fighting game features cute pet monsters that do the battling for you. And of course, what's funnier than watching two drunk wrestlers fight? Drunken Wrestlers is an entertaining fighting game with ragdoll physics and ridiculous moves.

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