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Charge up your mobile devices and put your game face on! Get lost in the gaming world at the comfort of your own time. These awesome games provide a quick getaway and cater to a wide variety of gamers. From classic adventure games and side-scrollers to the never-ending tap arcades - the choices are infinite. Whether you rock Android phones or share the beat with iOS tablets, our wide collection of mobile-friendly Gaming Apps is here just for you.

Best App Games

What are App Games?

App, short for Application, are programs that can be easily downloaded to any platform, mobile, or desktop. App Games, better known as mobile games, are games that you can play on a mobile handheld device such as phones and tablets. The convenience gives you the ability to enjoy your favorites right at your fingertips. Unlike console games, most mobile games are objective-based, where you must reach an objective to finish the game or have a never-ending level similar to some arcade games. These games usually have endless replay value and are easily addicting. In this category, we have listed hundreds of web-based games that you can also download on your mobile phones to play. 


Origin of Gaming Apps

Gaming applications have been present since the boom of mobile phones. In 1997, Nokia launched a viral game called Snake. Pre-Installed in almost all phones, Snake is one of the most played games and can be found in about 350 million devices worldwide. The game features a line (representing a snake) that moves through the screen, acting like a hungry animal and eating powerups. The more the snake eats, the bigger it will get, and the more points you can obtain.

Gaming applications are usually downloaded from a store depending on the gamer’s portal. Most games were commercialized in Japan in 1999. The year two thousand showed a boom for the industry as games were made available throughout Asia, Europe, and North America. The launch of the iPhone changed the market as it features a larger memory and provided users the ability to multitask. Its own version of a store gave way for developers to create and post applications. This allowed games like Angry Birds and Cut The Rope to be introduced in the market, resulting in a bigger audience scale. As social media started to take off, games have taken another step bringing in more players in a single setting. Facebook started with Farmville, where people can take care of farms and tend to digital livestock. Most of these games are free, with monetary restrictions to level up or speed up gameplay. With the advancement of technology - bringing more capable phones into the market, mobile games are getting more advanced and feature games that can rival those for the console.

Awesome App Games to Try

While free apps require you to download the file through the AppStore or Google PlayStore, web-based or browser-based games do not. Here in ArcadeSpot, we have a wide library of web-based versions of popular Apps for you to play with absolutely no download required.

Candy Crush Saga is a puzzle game where you must match three candies in a row, use your boosters, and overcome some sticky puzzles as you move along per level. Plants Vs. Zombies is a tower defense game where you become a homeowner protecting your lawn from hordes of the undead by planting mutant plants that shoot and eat zombies. Bejeweled Blitz is a classic match-3 puzzle game but now with loads of beautiful gems. Unlike your regular Match-3, this game rewards those that are quick to move. Bottle Flip 2K16 lets you enjoy the popular social media game bottle flipping - without actually learning the skill. Candy Crush Soda Saga replaces the sweet goodness of Candy Crush with the fizzle of carbonated drinks. Flip Diving allows you to enjoy the stunt and master the moves without getting wet or risk an injury.

So whether you’re a casual fan or a hardcore gamer, game applications are here to stay. So get tapping and start playing!