Tricky Games

Tricky games have been here for ages, from simple puzzlers to games that test your endurance in solving puzzles. Get fooled and bamboozled right in your face with our collection of free Tricky Games. With seemingly random encounters leading from one clue to another - there will always be a bigger mystery to solve. Feed the super detective in you and try not to be deceived as you solve one problem at a time. Overcome the tricky challenges or get trolled!

Best Tricky Games

What are Tricky Games?

Tricky Games is a gaming category that involves unusual puzzles. As a sub-genre to puzzle games, games in this group tend to distract players or fool them into thinking that the answer lies elsewhere. While most games usually have one goal in mind, tricky games are not so straight-forward. Players with a keen eye would enjoy these games, thus adding replay value to certain titles and self-claims on another playthrough that would enhance the experience. This category includes not only puzzle games, but also adventure games, story-driven narratives, and even platformers.


Background of Tricky Games

Tricky Games or Trick Games have been around for a very long time, from the very first reiteration of video games in the 70s, up to the improvement of next-generation consoles to this day. Video games love breaking the fourth wall to mess around with players, add content, fill-up missing context, troll on players, or generally add more to an already expansive library. Game Developers created games that are an offshoot of original games and challenged you with additional levels and objectives to flex your dominance online. Games have been enjoyable on the first playthrough, but you as a player would not put that controller down with the addition of tricks and bonuses. Among the popular tricks in the history of games is one from the game Metal Gear Solid. Psycho Mantis would resort to changing your screen on one part of the game, making your controller vibrate, and reading through your save files. Such as video games' success in tricking the player into thinking that it has a mind of its own. Tricky games would always be the norm to extend the life of some video games.

Free Tricky Games worth Trying

Unfair Mario is a challenging platformer game based on the popular franchise. True to the name, Unfair Mario is challenging and features lots of traps that will make you lose your hair while playing. In the same line of being unfair to the players, we have Unfair Sonic. This game plays similarly to the traditional Sonic platformer but features dozens of traps, invisible obstacles, and an appalling level layout that will make you curse the wind.

Do You Know De Wae is a funny puzzle game with tricky game mechanics featuring the once sensational meme - Ugandan Knuckles. But if Knuckles don't quite cut it for you, then try taking control of a frog trying to eat flies in a pond full of lily pads in A Frog's Guide to Eating Flies. This tricky puzzle game requires you to think ahead so you can fill your froggy belly with gummy, chewy bugs.

If tricky trivia and clever pun puzzlers are right up your alley, then try to take the Mystery IQ Test and see how you fare. Or better yet, check out the World's Easyest Game and see if you can get past through the dumbest and trickiest questions they got to offer.

Not enough? Check out our huge library of Tricky Games and get tricked, trolled, and even played by the very games you play.