Classic Games

Experience the games that molded the gaming world you know today! Our wide selection of Free Classic Games covers almost all gaming genres from Role-playing games, Beat'em up arcade games, fighting games, retro platformers, and even old-school simulations. Revisit the gems of the past to discover the roots of gaming and enjoy these games that know no time and age.

Best Classic Games

What are Classic Games?

Classic Games are a collection of old games that were very popular during their prime or have made an impact in the gaming industry. Many of the popular Classic Games have a simple gameplay mechanic that appeals to many players even today. The collection includes very popular titles like PacMan, Tetris, and even Snake. These timeless games can now be enjoyed without their original classic consoles. In this category, we also included games that were molded after popular classic games and have retained their spirit. 


There is an immeasurable number of games that have been released throughout the course of time. But there are only a few games that changed the shape of the gaming industry. These games are called Classic Games and they surpass the boundaries of time. Even after a couple of decades since their release, these timeless gems can still be enjoyed even if their consoles and systems were made obsolete. Almost everyone knows, or at least have heard about, the classic 1980 game PacMan. This arcade game features simplistic gameplay where you go around a maze while eating dots and avoiding pixelated ghosts. PacMan is a solid example of a popular classic game. 

The video gaming industry plummeted in the early 1980s. After the crash of major gaming consoles and titles, everybody thought that the industry won't live long. Then came the release of a new generation of gaming consoles like Nintendo Entertainment System (1985), Famicom (1983), Sega Master System (1985), and Atari 7800 (1986). The third generation consoles along with their games brought gaming back to the hearts of the people. Afterward, a series of arcade games that we now refer to as 'retro' were released one after another - giving birth to a wide variety of popular classic games like Donkey Kong (1981) and Super Mario Bros. (1985) - video games focused only on fun

In June 1996, Super Mario 64 introduced a new gaming perspective. As one of Nintendo's greatest titles, the Super Mario 64, that was available for the Nintendo 64 console, pioneered the dominance of 3D games - that still dominates the mainstream gaming even to this day.

Classic Games Worth Trying

Stratego is a war simulation game based on the 1946 classic board game of the same name. This port of the game is based on a much later version that was released for the MSDOS platform back in 1990. The game itself is similar to chess, but with modern age guns, bombs, and artilleries.

Not all cool Classic Games came from the distant past. Some were released not so long ago. Fix-It Felix Jr. is a fun arcade game from the popular Disney film Wreck-it Ralph. Despite the time of its release, it has all the elements of a classic game and is considered as a tribute to classic and retro gaming in general.