Anime Games

If you are a fan of Japanese Animation (Anime) or just love reading Manga and WebToons, then this gaming category is right up your alley. Step into the world of your favorite character or immerse yourself inside an entirely new universe. Jump into the fray of epic fighters, engage in romantic dates with your 2D waifu, or just chibi-fy your self-portrait! Pick one of our cool Anime Games and let your gaming journey to the world of Japanese Animation begins.

Best Anime Games

What are Anime Games?

Anime Games are video-game titles that are based, inspired, or share common visual appearances to Japanese animations (commonly known as Anime), mangas, and even webtoons. These titles have their own set of genres that depict the genre of the Japanese title they are based on. (i.e. isekai, harem, etc.) as well as carry the general genre of the gameplay itself (i.e. Action, Adventure, etc.). Most of the Anime-based Games fall on gaming categories like fighting, dating sim, dress up, role-playing, visual art novels, and sports genres.


What is "Anime"?

The word "Anime" is simply the Japanese term for "animation". The term is widely used in and outside of Japan and covers all sorts of animated media from Japanese TV animations and animated movies to hand-drawn comic books known as Manga. Different from "cartoon characters", Anime characters often feature stylish personas with wide Bambi eyes, colorful hair, and generally thin body proportions that are very distinct from Western animations. On a similar note, "Chibi" is an Anime art style with generally shorter stature, but with bigger heads and eyes in proportion to the rest of its body. These "deformed" characters are considered cuter and more childish and are somewhat comparable to Western Cartoon.

The World of Anime and Manga Games

Despite the wide array of categories and subcategories, Manga and Anime-inspired Games have one thing in common - their unique character appearances. In fact, you can't consider a title to be under the Anime Games category, without those cute wide-eyed individuals that often have super-powers, powerful abilities, and cool qualities. While most gaming titles are based on a pre-existing TV animation or popular Mangas (like One Punch Man, and Attack on Titan), many titles create their very own world and universe using Japanese art-style and theme. The unique and very disturbing dating sim called Doki Doki! Literature Club! features a sweet-styled visual novel scenario with pretty Anime girls that mask a disturbing horror theme in the game.

On the other side, there are many fighting games like Anime Battle that takes very popular characters and pit them against each other in a wild fighting mashup where different super-powers and abilities fight against each other to stir up the fanbase in an endless debate of "who is stronger than who?". For the real fans and hobbyists, titles like Gacha Life and Character Creator give off a great appeal as they allow players to create their very own Anime avatar from scratch and even make a chibi version of themselves for the extra fun and world immersion.