Tower Defense Games

Overwhelming odds, endless waves of enemies, finite ammo, and supplies running low. Prepare to face great odds as you fight armed with nothing but your grit and will to survive. Is this your last stand, or would you survive another wave? Fight against hordes of zombies, enemy soldiers, monsters, and wacky creatures in our collection of free Tower Defense Games. Fortify your base by placing turrets at tactical places and defend your faction at all costs.

Best Tower Defense Games

What are Tower Defense Games?

Tower Defense games is a sub-genre of strategy games. Abbreviated as TD, your goal is to defend your territories by fending off approaching enemies. The common element of this genre is to gather resources and solidify your base. Differences in enemy pacing and types make you engaged and active in combat. Strategically placing the correct defensive tower (or turret) will ensure your victory. Gradual progression of difficulty is unlocked at every level to keep you entertained but not overwhelmed. Although gameplay may feel passive, you are responsible for building, interacting, and defending your position to win the game.


Origin of Tower Defense Games

The genre, Tower Defense, can be traced back to the 1980s. The 1978 Space Invaders shared many elements of the genre, as the player needs to defend his territory against invading aliens. However, many gamers regard the 1980 game Missile Command as the true first game of the genre. In Missile Command, the enemies are attacking the player's base, and not the player specifically. During 1982, the popularity of movies being tied into video games has risen, and among the games released was the popular Empire Strikes Back for the Atari 2600. With waves of enemies attacking the base in a single file line, players can limit their movement by placing obstructions on their paths. The genre was later popularized by titles such as Atari's Rampart (1990). This game combined several other elements (like puzzle and action) to create an even more immersive gameplay that puts strategy, skill, and tactics into play.

Bolster your Defenses

Some of the games in our collection will provide you with the best bits of Tower Defense. Get ready to be engaged as you strategize and defend your territory against swarms of enemies.

Minecraft Tower Defense – Tired of looking for another block to add and build to your collection? Minecraft Tower Defense puts you straight into the way of Minecraftia’s monsters, dig a path, and add traps to defeat these blocky cell-shaded enemies. Delay your enemies by creating a narrow and twisted path!

Spore – Always wanted a green thumb? Spore will have you protect a plantlike being while it grows. Remove bad elements and pollution so it can grow, and create a healthy colony. Will you be there long enough to watch your Spore bloom?

Bloons Tower Defense 5 – Pop those balloons in this fifth installment of a colorful puzzle game. Focus all your firepower by having your monkey defend against a swarm of Bloons. This game will also let you earn monkey money so you can purchase better equipment and improve your balloon-busting power!

Pokemon Tower Defense 2 – Pokedex already full? Then try out Pokemon TD 2. This game combines the exploration of classic Pokemon games with a cool tower defense strategy. Evolve your Pokemon so you can protect your base better.

Stark Tower Defense – Avengers Assemble! Gather all the heroes and fight against humanity's enemies. Based on The Super Hero Squad Show, fight Doctor Doom’s forces while defending the prestigious Stark Tower.

Zombies Can’t Jump 2 – Our mustachioed hero returns. Build some crates, create explosives, use spiked balls and unleash mayhem on the undead while exploiting the fact that they can't jump.

There is nothing like defending your territory against invading forces. So start building and prepare your weapons as you play our awesome Tower Defense Games.