Simulation Games

Lead a life of adventure, horror, thrill, or simply re-experience the mundane! Simulation Games blurs the line between reality and video-gaming with top-notch graphics and unbound freedom. Lead a life far from what you imagine as you make decisions and control your character. Gather new experiences as you try different things like cooking, cleaning, or even becoming a surgeon. Build another version of your reality as you play and live a different life inside a game.

Best Simulation Games

What are Simulation Games?

Simulation Games is a gaming genre that describes a varied category of videogames designed to imitate real-world activities as close to reality as possible. As the name suggests, simulations can be used for various purposes such as training, analysis, or prediction. Well-known examples of Simulation Games are war games, business games, and role-playing games. Officially, this gaming genre is broad and even includes games that use strategy, planning, and intelligent decision-making techniques. There are also a number of games that simulate difficult tasks like surgery and repair, as well as those that recreate mundane activities from a first-person point of view.


Origin of Simulation Games

Video Games have been around since the 1960s, but the first simulation game, as many have agreed upon, is Fortune Builder, released in 1984 by ColecoVision. The game's idea is to develop a blank space of land, beach, and mountains and erect apartment complexes, factories, shopping malls, video arcades, and casinos. The key to the game is to have all units work well with each other, build the necessary buildings next to each other while avoiding incompatible ones. A headline will let you know how your business is running and if your fortune is building. Another game that started the simulator niche is SimCity created by Will Wright. SimCity features more specific ventures including the building of residential and industrial areas, collecting taxes, and monitoring the situation to prevent the settlement from going bankrupt. One more notable feature of the game is the addition of fictional disasters and scenarios based on actual historical events.

Most Simulation games don't focus on construction and management, Many Simulation Games feature Life simulations that include building relationships, or simulating an ecosystem. One of the most popular sub-genre is Social Simulation and Sports. Sports take center stage where most popular team sports and extreme sports are mirrored. Madden and Football Manager simulate different aspects of the sport. These games allow the player to play the game as one of the athletes, or as an owner or manager. You may even make business judgments to make your ballclub better. Other simulation games resemble real-life activities that can be used as a training module, or as an introduction to the task. These games include Medical Simulation Games, Photography Simulation Games, and Driving Simulation Games.

Give your Life a Spin - Awesome Simulation Games to Try

Here are some of the most note-worthy free Simulation Games that our library has to offer. Starting with a game that's not for the faint of heart. Sara is Missing is a horror simulation game where a young girl went missing. The goal of the game is to find clues on her mobile phone to solve the mystery and find her before it's too late. This other simulation game will have you facing zombies! Obama Vs Zombies is an action zombie shooter with a little twist. Take control of the former US president Barack Obama. Pick up guns, save survivors and wait for help to arrive. If those two games are just too intense for you, then how about we turn down the notch in Tavern Master. This game puts you in a shoe of a tavern shopkeeper in a medieval fantasy universe. Listen to the stories of the adventurers, give them a place to stay, and serve them food - all for the sake of making your lovely tavern prosper.

Live as A Beast- Animal Simulation Games 

Crazy Pig Simulator – Mmm, Bacon, not this pig, though, in Crazy Pig Simulator, an adventure game that lets you control this curly-tailed character, attack, and grabs gold for points. Now show them who the boss is!

Parrot Simulator - Everyone dreamed of flying at one point in their lives. In this game, you will take on the role of a parrot, and do whatever a parrot does.

Wolf Simulator: Wild Animals 3D - Hunt or be hunted. In this cruel world, you play as a wolf in a pack. Become the Alpha and lead the pack. Hunt other animals for food as you avoid becoming prey to the deadlier creatures of the forest.

Simulation Games often mimic real life, letting you experience a world quite like reality but with another layer of freedom. Pick a game from our wide library, and start getting lost in a world of your own.