Running Games

Ready, get set, and run! Join a marathon or run across the vast field filled with monsters and hazards as you try to set new records and gather the collectibles along the way. Use the coins collected to unlock new runners, new costumes, new skins, or power-ups that will help you go the extra mile. Whether it's through urban traffic, the jungle, or avoiding the dangers of the road, we have tons of free Running Games just for you.

Best Running Games

What are Running Games?

Running Games, also referred to as Endless Runner, is a video gaming genre that focuses on reaching a new distance or getting from point A to point B through running, flying, rolling, jumping, hopping, and other means without the use of a vehicle. Running in video games was a mechanic introduced specifically for Mobile. As of today, more and more video games have incorporated running into their systems. These games often challenge the player's reaction speed, as well as hand-eye coordination. Running games focus on reaching the destination with the fastest time (commonly referred to as speed-run) or reaching the farthest distance and earning the highest score.


Origin of Running Games

Video games started with a focus on discovery and exploration. Games relied solely on the players finding out the secrets to the area, getting over obstacles, and surviving the journey. But as systems improved and games evolved, a question popped up: 'How can players get to their destinations faster?'.

In 2009, a game called Canabalt pioneered the genre called Endless Runner. This game shared some elements of the known racing games but took out the player's control over the speed and direction. Instead, the player is given one control - to jump. As simple as it is, this formula led to many variants - some introduced new elements to the genre and created the Running Games we know today. Some of the most popular Endless Running Games in history are Flappy Bird, Sonic Dash, Minion Rush, and the sensational Temple Run. Now users are lining up to finish games faster, looking for shortcuts, items, and other mechanics to stay ahead of the rest.

Dash Your Way to Victory

Need to fuel that speedster in you? Some of the games in our library can provide you with the acceleration needed to do just that. Check out these awesome free Running Games.

Sonic Revert - Roam around the 3D world and complete the game as you race with other players, beat your own record as you try to move from dangers, obstacles, and monsters. With twenty other players, you will be running in no time!

Mario Minecraft Runner - A combination of two of the most popular games! This game combines the characters from the Mario franchise with the adorable pixelated graphics of Minecraft. Collect coins and pick-up essential items to defeat bosses along the way.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout - Compete with other players to be the last man standing. Fall guys: Ultimate Knockout features a game show-like gameplay where you wait in line with thirty other players. Get to the end, Gladiator style.

Vex 5 Official - This game throws you back to a simpler time. Finish the level and find the checkered flag. Trips and traps are abundant. Should you go fast or slow? Do you have what it takes to navigate your way around the hazard-filled place as fast as possible?

Crazy Roll 3D - This cool 3D game lets you take control of a ball that dashes inside a 3D world with large gaps, narrow bridges, and tall buildings to navigate. Collect diamonds and purchase new skins while avoiding the red bricks and blocks.

Super Mario Rush - Gone are the days where Mario can only take a stroll. Witness Mario in a rush as you collect coins, avoid falling, and finishing each level faster than you usually would.