Platform Games

Jump, run, hop, climb, or soar to the skies. Encounter wonders beyond what you can imagine as you explore different worlds. Platform games provide you an escape from the limitations of reality, known as jump and run, emphasizing the heavy use of jumping and climbing to navigate the player's environment and reach the goal. Hazards, Uneven surfaces, and almost impossible gaps are the primary test for the abilities of the player. Traverse this and succeed as we bring you some of the best platformer games in our collection. Travel across distant lands to save a princess, escape the ever-rising lava, solve environmental puzzles to move forward, or run away from the coming tsunami! Our free Platform Games will help you escape from the limitations of reality and provide hours of fun!

Best Platform Games

What are Platform Games?

Also known as 'jump and run' or Platformer, Platform Games is a video-gaming genre that emphasizes the heavy use of jumping and climbing to navigate the player's environment and reach the goal. Levels are designed to stop the player from moving from one point to another. Obstacles combined with enemy patrolling positions make up the challenge hazards, uneven surfaces, and almost impossible gaps are the primary test for the players' abilities. Platform Games are also the main genre for Speed Runs, where players try their best to complete a level as fast as possible and compete against each other.


Origin of Platform Games

Donkey Kong came out to the scene in 1981, and it was considered the first genuine platform game. Donkey Kong introduced the mix while navigating everything vertically. Shigeru Miyamoto, who also created Mario and Zelda, developed the game while emphasizing running, jumping, and climbing. The genre originated in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Most games provided a stationary field in profile view and included climbing between boards rather than just jumping. In the 1980 Space Panic, your character can fall, but there is no jumping involved. Hence, it did not qualify as a platformer.

With the advancement of technology, most developers tried to move away from 2D and the traditional platforming game and focused on developing 3D games. The difficulty of transferring 2D to 3D led some game makers to compromise their games' quality. In 1995, Clockwork Knight was released. This game features 3D levels while retaining the 2D flavors and keeping the spirit of traditional platformers.

Despite little view in the current gaming scene, platformers are still one of the most successful genres. Old Games like Ratchet and Clank and Cuphead still draw positive fan reactions while giving you that old school vibe. While the Super Mario franchise still holds the best-selling video-game franchise, the original Super Mario series has sold over 262 million units worldwide.

Jump into the Adventure

If you are new to gaming, then nothing beats a traditional platformer game to ease your way to the hobby. Here are some of the platformers that you can jump into and enjoy.

The Fungies: Fungie Jumper will have you jumping off your seat, collect as much snow as you can, and reach the top. This simple platformer game features cartoonish graphics with comedic characters that are perfect for young players. And if you are a pet lover, then Fetch Quest is a great game to try. This game lets you be a dog for a day. Be a good boy and return the ball to your owner at all costs.

Challenging Platform Games

If you are a veteran of the genre and want a challenge that you can enjoy, try your hands with Unfair Sonic. This game has all the levels of a regular Sonic Game, but with a twist - the game messes around with you pretty badly by adding traps and fake blocks along the way. Once you feel safe, poof! That landing spot is gone! Another similar game is Vex 5. Vex 5 features fast-paced platformer gameplay with challenging levels. The game features a stick figure daredevil that loves to jump, run, and dash to the finish line without caring for the vicious traps along the way.

Must-Try Multiplayer Platformers

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout will make you experience the battle royale theme with your fists and body. Race across moving platforms, and knock others out to be victorious - like a battle royale without the guns. But if you crave some gunpowder in the air, then check out Mutiny. In this pirate-style game, your objective is to blow the other team to smithereens!

New-Gen or not, Platform Games are here to stay. So dive into this fantastic genre and start playing.