Motorbike Games

Are you ready for a fun, exciting and adrenaline-pumping game? Showcase your fascinating stunts and death-defying tricks as you rev-up for a high-speed chase with the other motorbikes. Fight against gravity and overcome challenging obstacles as you aim for gold. Our vast library of free Motorbike Games offers not just single-player racing games, but also competitive multiplayer games available in both 3D and 2D environment - we have it all just for you.

Best Motorbike Games

What are Motorbike Games?

Motorbike Games is a gaming category that features driving or riding two-wheeled motor vehicles, as well as bicycles, and other similar vehicles. Games in this category mostly involve racing contests, motorbike stunt competition, hill climbing challenges, and sandbox joyrides - using two-wheeled vehicles. Unlike races and competitions with cars and other four-wheeled vehicles, motorbike events and races usually have many obstacles, including uphill and downhill courses. In general, Motorbike Games are much more competitive because the players are usually competing for the first position, best stunts, highest points, or a new best record.


We know why you like playing Motorbike games. You want the thrill of climbing steep hills, competing on a high-speed chase with other players, and satisfy your cravings for tricks and stunts. No one can argue that riding a motorbike is challenging, exciting, and fun. And this is what this category is all about.

Motorbike Games that Shaped History

One of the earliest examples of Motorbike Games is SEGA's Road Race that was released back in February 1976. This early black-and-white motorbike racing game features an innovative 3D perspective view which is revolutionary during its time. This game was so popular that it was rebranded and re-released three times as Moto-Cross, Man T.T., and Fonz. Nintendo's Excitebike that was released back in 1984 was also among the most beloved classic racing games. This motocross game paved the way for the Excite racing series that became an inspiration to many modern bike games.

Two-Wheeled Action - Tricks, Stunts, and Racing

Show your captivating stunts as you go on a high-speed rush with your two-wheeled vehicle. Guts and Glory is a fun 3D game where you take control of the father-and-son duo as they ride on a bicycle. The goal is to complete various challenges and overcome deadly obstacles while keeping all (if not most) of the limbs intact. However, this game contains blood and gore and is not suitable for young children. If you are into less violence, then Moto Bike Attack Race Master 3D might be the game for you. This action-packed game combines racing with a bit of foul play on the side.

For younger players, Hill Climb Racing is a fun and quite challenging game that was developed by Fingersoft. The main goal is to control Newton Bill (A young and aspiring uphill racer) on a unique uphill race with little respect for the laws of physics and finish the trail. This game also features other vehicles along with some cool motorbikes.

Multiplayer Motorbike Games

Ride a motorbike with players from across the globe in Slush IO. In this fun 2D game you can create your own map and make a better challenge for other racers. You may also just press the Quick Race mode and connect to a random map to compete with other players. If 2D is just not your style, then add another dimension with this 3D simulation Motorbike game - Bike Riders. Play against AI opponents or against other players while enjoying the realistic game physics and ragdoll characters.

Put on your helmet and rev those engines. Pick a Motorbike Game from our collection and start racing away.