Miscellaneous Games

Games take on any form and shape, and sometimes it is hard to classify them or put them into any existing category. Most of these games provide you with a unique experience that is worth your time. Misc Games can be anything from a collection of video games that you played when you were a child, games that bring you memories, or those games that you play when you just want to kick back and enjoy with friends. So, grab a seat and browse through our ample selection of free Miscellaneous Games.

Best Miscellaneous Games

What are Miscellaneous Games?

Games that do not fall into any genre are automatically classified as Miscellaneous Games. Most games in this category feature gameplay that makes them oddballs or misfits in other categories. In contrast, some games feature unique game mechanics and gameplay that would make them pioneers on an entirely new genre - if enough games like it appear. Some of the games in this category will come at you with strange visuals and atmospheric background music, while others will capture your attention with their one-of-a-kind game mechanics that expresses the developers' flexible minds.


History of Miscellaneous Games

Since the start of video game development, games were always categorized in their respective genres. During the early years, developers created games to showcase newly created equipment, as well as technology. The first game ever developed was OXO, an advanced take on the popular Tic-Tac-Toe. A British professor named A.S Douglas made the game as part of his doctoral dissertation in 1952. In 1958, William Higinbotham then made Tennis for Two. The game features two digital paddles exchanging whacks at a ball on a large analog computer for the annual visitor's day at Brookhaven National Laboratory. Most people thought of these inventions as novelties, not paying them any mind. Experiments were used to determine how these pieces of equipment perform specific tasks. But when 1967 came, Sanders Associates, Inc. invented a prototype, multi-program video game system that could play on any television - The Brown Box. Ralph Baer, known as the father of video games, sold the system to Magnavox, which sold the system to consumers under the name of Odyssey. Just like any passing craze, the Odyssey fizzled and died out. But one of the games in that expired system inspired the first arcade video game - the popular 1972 Atari's Pong that started the craze for home entertainment systems. The 80s began having a few notable milestones in the field of gaming. Preferred collections started springing up, and gamers developed their very own community - providing players with a sense of belonging and camaraderie among like-minded users. With so many genres available, some games do not fit the bill - oddballs in the world of video games.

If you want to take a break from the big video game genres, hop on some of the best free Miscellaneous Games that our library has to offer.

A New Take on a Familiar Character

Fancy meeting an old friend? Mario is a character that is recognized by the world. Super Mario Maker Online takes you back in time as you join the plumber in his quest to save the princess. Think it's easy? Then try Mario Editor, a custom-level designer for all things Mario. Build levels and test your friends who are the best level builder in the group.


Looking for a good scare? Prepare to have your fear reignited with Let Me Out: Room Escape, a point-and-click escape game where you try to avoid a homicidal maniac for 20 minutes or your mincemeat. If that's not enough, then trick your senses with fluffy toys that are cuddly and cute - but not when they come to life. Help Ruby find her parents in Mr. Hopps Playhouse. discover the secrets of this innocent-looking doll as you try to avoid the dangers and survive the night.

Sit Back and Relax

If you are like most folks who like multi-tasking, then try to play a game with one hand in Alchemy Idle Clicker. Harvest and collect herbs and create potions. Click through your inventory and create the ultimate potion! Brewing potions not your cup of tea? Then try to capture those elusive monsters! Poke Clicker is a point-and-click role-playing game where you try to become the best trainer there is! Beat gym leaders and complete the game.

Miscellaneous Games don't conform with the standards but stand out. They don't think outside of the box; they tear it up! Check out our huge selection of Misc Games and find diamonds in the rough.