JavaScript Games

From popular shooters to arcade beat 'em-ups and celebrity figures placed in absurd situations,  JavaScript Games are simple yet entertaining. JavaScript games opened the way for people to be engaged in online gaming, with little fuss and maximum enjoyment! With little weight placed on your equipment, these games have ushered in an era where video games are readily accessible and can be played anywhere. Come and take a deep dive into a golden age where games feature nonsensical adventures that cater to beginners and even hard-core gamers. 

Best JavaScript Games

What are JavaScript Games?

JavaScript is a programming language that goes with HTML and CSS, one of the world's core technologies wide web. It enables interactive web pages and is an essential part of web applications. Most websites use it for client-side page behavior. This language deals with certain parts of the page interact with the user. JavaScript is a fixed programmable software that one can access anytime with even the simplest form of hardware. JavaScript has been used in many ways - games included. Users can open most of these free JavaScript Games with a click of a button, without the need to download anything. As technology advances, many programs became more suitable for creating games. Hence games created with Java are now obsolete. While many great games have been ported to the newer technology, some will remain a timeless classic.


Origin of JavaScript Games

The JavaScript language was released alongside HTML back in the year 2000. Developers started to integrate most pedestrian games on the internet with social media's growth by incorporating social features with simple gameplay. During the year 2000, players cannot get enough of these games. The popularity of JavaScript-based games lessened in 2010 when Flash started to diminish most games' development. Most of the free JavaScript Games games have a common theme: viral sensations placed in a situation to ensure comedic value. Commonly referred to as slapstick, the titular characters get hurt to amuse the audiences, or in this case, the players. Take a trip to the memory boulevard and find the best JavaScript games our library has to offer.

Go Back to the Classics 

Want to play some old-school board games? Play the original Chinese game, Ancient Mahjong. Combine the same tiles and clear the board. Dominate the competition without the complicated rules. Shuffle each tile piece on the table and celebrate your victory. Play Solitaire FRVR, a classic card game where the mechanics and gameplay are the same as Klondike. Smooth animations and gorgeous graphics will have you playing more than once. 

Get Active, Minus the Sweat. 

Enjoy the rush of your favorite sport with Mini-Soccer. Control a chip, and team up with random players. Place the ball in the goal and prevent the other team from doing so. Play as a scorer, keeper, or forward. It is the fun of soccer, minus the dirt and mud. If you do not want chips, then play as bobblehead counterparts of famous players with Football Headz Cup. Play one on one in this challenging game, and be the world champion. 

Out of This World! 

Take a spaceship through the far reaches of space as you play Space Cord. Collect stars and avoid energy platforms in this fun puzzle game. If you still want some out-of-this-world action, then take control of a mysterious creature going through a castle tower and avoid traps and lasers, and challenge your skills with UFO Run. Complete each level and get your high score! 
No need to learn the language, just pick a game from our library of free JavaScript games, and start having fun.