Driving Games

Drive a luxurious sports car, ride a motorbike, or stay behind the wheel of a truck. Our plethora of Driving Games ensures that we have whatever vehicle you fancy on driving. Go on a relaxing road trip, polish your parking skills, learn how to drift, or enter a competitive racing competition. If you like being in charge of your life, then get behind the wheel, take a pick and start driving.

Best Driving Games

What are Driving Games?

Driving Games is a major video-game genre that is focused on controlling a vehicle. Although the term is commonly confused with the genre Racing Games, Driving Games isn't all about racing. Many games under this category put emphasis on control and simulation, rather than the competitive nature of the sport. Many driving simulators don't have a clear goal or objective - and instead just pushes the players to do whatever they want in a sandbox environment. This genre is mainly focused on land vehicles such as the usual cars and motorbikes, transport trucks, race karts, busses, tractors, and even construction vehicles.


History of Driving Games

Driving Games have been around since the beginning of video gaming. One of the earliest driving games was the Gran Trak 10 that was released back in May 1974 for the Atari gaming cabinet. In this single-player game, the player will race along a race track on a top-down perspective. Gran Trak 10's cabinet even includes a steering wheel for added simulation. The 1976 Moto-Cross, later rebranded as Fonz, was one of the earliest examples of a 3D driving simulation game. This early black-and-white racing game features motorcycles in a three-dimensional third-person perspective. The game's popularity was also due to its tie-up with the hit TV show Happy Days. From those, the games slowly evolved with time for the better. By the year 2000, Rockstar San Diego (formerly known as Angel Studios) released the first-ever driving simulation game with free-roaming or "free-form" gameplay. Midnight Club: Street Racing allowed the player to drive anywhere within the city of London and Ney York, and was very well accepted by the fans of the genre.

Awesome Driving Games to Try

With realistic graphics and physics engine, along with beautiful free-to-roam wold and flexible environment, BeamNG Drive is one of the prime examples of an established driving simulator. While the full version of the game requires a purchase, you can try the BeamNG. Drive Tech Demo for free. Madalin Stunt Cars 2 is another excellent game where you can drive around a vast area with your sports cars. Use the ramps, loop-de-loops, and other contraptions to create the most fantastic stunt.

Improve your Parking Skills

5 Nights at Mega Parking is a unique parking simulation game with the Five Nights at Freddy's theme. In this game, the scary animatronics from the FNaF series will watch your every move - so you should drive carefully if you don't want to be the next target of the creepy animal mascots. If you wish to practice your driving skills without the risk of getting spooked on, then Bus Parking 3D is the game for you. This game will put you behind the wheels of a school bus, and you must do your best to maneuver the bus around the car-filled parking lots.

Kid-Friendly Racing Games 

For young kids and kids-at-heart, Cars 2: World Grand Prix Races is a great way to start the day. This fun racing game is based on the popular Pixar animated film Cars 2, and features characters, events, and places found in the film - even Lightning McQueen! Another fun game for young ones to play is Hill Climb Racing. This 2D side-scrolling game involves climbing a steep hill while driving and beating the record time.

Whatever game you choose, the most important is to have fun. But always remember, reckless driving in real-life is a big NO-NO!