Drawing Games

Talents are not supposed to be hidden! Show your outstanding expertise in drawing by creating masterpieces in art and other crafts! Sketch a path to your destination, draw your characters, objects, and items, or be the first to guess what the others are drawing. Our wide selection of awesome Drawing Games includes games from different genres such as platformers, puzzles, and even role-playing games. 


Drawing, colouring, and art, in general, have always been a fun way to exercise creativity and even to release stress. These activities often require a pad of paper to draw on, as well as the right materials. However, with Drawing video-games, you can immediately jump into the activity with just your mouse or your phone - and you'll have access to tons of colours, crayons, paints, and so much more. If you ever caught yourself randomly doodling things when you're bored or anxious, then you'll most likely enjoy our free Drawing Games.

All Shapes and Sizes

Art is not limited to a single style or form, and the same is true for our cool Drawing Games! Traditional Draw-and-Guess art games like Skribbl.io are always fun and engaging. Skribbl.io is an online game where you must be the first to guess what other people are drawing, or try to draw the object mentioned inside the game. In this fantastic social game, you may just discover the talents of others or yourself while playing, and meet new friends while at it.

Draw Your Own Adventure is a fantastic role-playing video game where you can exercise your story-telling and drawing skills. In this fun game, you will have a chance to draw your characters, enemies, monsters, weapons, and even events. But if you just want to lay around in a lazy afternoon and draw the time away, then Tattoo Drawing is the perfect game for you. In Tattoo Drawing, all you have to do is sketch the desired Tattoo into the customer's body! The more accurate you are, the better you will be paid.

Solving Problems with Art

Draw Climber takes Drawing a bit differently. In this unique game, you must assist a cube as it tries to reach its destination. However, the terrain isn't making it easy for the cube to do it by itself. The player must then draw limbs, wheels, or whatever shape they want and attach it to the cube. This game will test your problem-solving skills, as well as your response time.

If you are looking for a fun drawing puzzler, then you should check out Sand Balls. In this physics game, all you have to do is draw a path in the sand so that the balls can fall into the bin. Another great game with a similar concept is Safari Chef. In this game, you must draw a line, curve, or shape to help the caretaker feed the animals in the safari.

There are also tons of other games to choose from - each offering something unique. Just pick a game, make your fingers ready, and start to draw!