Zombie Games

The zombie apocalypse cannot come soon enough! Those rambling, shambling reanimated versions of people do nothing but ask for a well-placed bullet in the head. If you fancy blowing up some heads or love these undead creatures' lore and gore, then feast on these free Zombie games! Whether it is shooting down zombies with a gun or planting mutated plants to protect your backyard, you can find it all right here. This is one catastrophe that all gamers are preparing for.

Best Zombie Games

What are Zombie Games?

Zombie Games, or Zombie Video Games, is a gaming category that involves the creatures known as "zombies." Zombies have been a popular figure in horror movies, fictional stories, and books. Zombies are reanimated corpses that hunger for the living flesh. Games that involve zombies are mostly in the form of a horror/survival game where the player must survive or fend off the creatures to survive. There are also many defense strategy games that let you build your base and protect it against the infected hordes, as well as some games where co-existing with the undead is possible. Whatever the case, these games put you in an event where humanity no longer rules the planet and surviving is a luxury.


Origin of the word "Zombie."

Zombie came from the Haitian French word that describes a fictional undead, corporeal revenant created through reanimation. The term comes from Haitian folklore, where a dead body comes back to life through different methods, usually through magic. Modern-day portrayals include science fiction methods, radiation, pathogens, or parasites. George Romero, known as the father of Zombie movies, started with the Night of the Living Dead in 1968. Sequels were also produced and even used in the popular music video of the king of pop. 

Zombies in Video Games

The first video game that introduces these creatures is Zombie Zombie from ZX Spectrum, produced in 1984. In the nineties, Nintendo and Sega released games that would define the genre. Capcom released resident Evil in 1996, a small town in central America ravaged by indiscriminate testing on viruses and created the outbreak. SEGA AM1 created the House of the Dead in 1996 that started the genre of undead shooting. Trapped and supplied with enough gun power. You are faced with numerous situations where your actions can affect the outcome.

Video games with these enemies are common at the turn of the century. They all come in different flavors, from the slow, to somewhat laughable when alone but a headache when Romero style Zombies in large numbers. To the Fast, always catches you in the most inopportune time 28 days style. Deceased enemies vary depending on the game being played. But to defeat them, it is specific across all types. Just shoot them in the head.

Brains are Off the Menu - Awesome Zombie Games

Plants vs Zombies is a strategy defense game where you protect yourself from the zombie invasion by planting mutated plants that shoot peas like bullets and eats the zombies. Complete all the levels and face the game's big baddie—Dr. Zomboss. If you can't get enough of PvZ, then how about we add a magical taco into the mix? Plants Vs Zombies 2 is a direct sequel to the original sensational game. This sequel features more plants, more zombie types, and more gimmicks to get yourself hooked all-over again. 

Do everything to survive! If you don't have mutant plants, then use your wits, your brawls, and your guns! Zombies can't Jump 2 is a strategy game where you must build stacks of crates to kill the zombies while exploiting their inability to jump. Zombie Apocalypse: Left 4 Dead is a shooting game that gives loads of guns to mow down the corpses and survive.

We are not the only ones trying to survive. The world of video games and Anime is under the zombie invasion too! Crazy Zombie 8 is a beat'em up fighting game where you take control of various heroes to fight the undead. Ever wondered what it's like to take on the zombie horde as Gokou, Mario, Naruto, or The Incredible Hulk? But if you can't beat them, serve them! Zombie Burger is a cooking game where your customers are the zombies themselves. Keep the undead happy so you won't be a part of the menu.

Gather your strength and steady your mind! Prepare for the zombie apocalypse by playing one of our cool Zombie Games today.