Truck Games

Driving from one part of the country to another seems like a tall order, but not if you are in a truck. Monster, Cargo, or a 4x4, you can never go wrong with this beast of a machine! Truck Games gives you the freedom to ride and tame one of these awesome vehicles and strike fear on the rear view of other drivers. So put on your hats, pull that bighorn for Truck Games are coming your way by the highway!

Best Truck Games

What are Truck Games?

Introduced back in 2008, Truck Games is a sub-genre of Racing and Driving Games. While most racing simulations focused on sedans, supercars, and other fancy cars, this genre mainly deals with rugged 4x4s and off-road vehicles - creating an entire genre on their own. Whether it's for delivery, off-roading, or just plain mayhem, this genre has it all. Many games in this category feature over-the-top physics simulation to emphasize the power behind the beasts' wheels. Take on a long drive or conquer seemingly impossible terrains. With these monsters, anything is possible.


Origin of Truck Games

Truck Games can be traced back to their mother genre - Racing Games. The Racing video-game genre first started back in 1973. These games feature the traditional game rules of reaching the checkered flag first. In 1985, an early truck-simulation game called Juggernaut Pete Cooke was released. This game simulated a road train and focused on cargo transportation and economic issues rather than your usual race. Juggernaut was considered the very first game in the sub-genre. However, it was not until 2008 that the Truck Games was officially identified as a sub-genre.

Truck games are played differently than most racing games because of their weight. While most trucks can go fast just like a race car, pressing the wrong pedal will make the vehicle swerve too much - making it harder to control the machine - adding a different challenge than most games. On top of that, trucks carry precious loads, vital to the success of your transportation. One of the most popular Truck games is The 18 Wheels series by ValuSoft. Games such as Hard Truck: 18 Wheels of Steel in 2002 also feature in-depth management of finances, and business, giving the genre an entirely different scope.

Buckle Up and Go Big!

Big wheels are all the rad. And what's bigger than the wheels of a monster truck? In Ultimate Stunts 3D you can perform tricks you never knew possible with a monster truck. Shine or fold in the bright lights in front of thousands of spectators! If that's not enough for you, then conquer an entire canyon in Canyon Valley Rally. Drive a 4x4 and race against four-wheel jeeps. Try to outmaneuver your opponents and show them who is the king of the valley!

Trucks aren't all about tricks, many try to keep things practical. In Hill Climb Twisted Transport you take on your first summer job - delivery! Deliver packages through wild terrains and enjoy the bumpy ride. But if transporting cargo isn't your thing, then why not drive a Taxi Truck? Get behind a cross between a taxi and a truck, and get to your passenger's destination in the blink of an eye. Avoid crashing and rack up the money.

Unique Truck Games to Try

It sure is hard to earn a living, but you know what's harder? Zombies trying to eat you alive. The world has gone to an end, now you have to save others to make humanity whole again. Hell Bus lets you rescue people in the zombie apocalypse, without the need for unending log jams. 

In Unblock The Car, you must solve the puzzle so you can go through the traffic and save the folks needing some rescuing. Different sizes of cars stop you from going to that emergency and it takes a different level of daring and skill to be that hero.

Racing Games are cool, but bigger things are almost always better! So buckle up, and get a load of our free Truck Games.