Skill Games

With never-ending obstacles to avoid and enemies to kill, our free Skill Games will test your ability, reflex, determination, and your patience. These games will put you in the front seat where all the action takes place. Decide quickly, as indecision can be deadly, and with choices come the consequences. Do you have the skill it takes to beat these awesome games?

Best Skill Games

What are Skill Games?

Skill Games, or Skill-based games, are games designed to test one's reflex, hand-eye coordination, as well as quick decision-making skills. These games often have simple controls, fast-paced gameplay, and great replayability. Many one-button arcade games belong in this category. Playing games in this collection is a good way to develop one's problem-solving skills, spatial awareness, and hand and eye coordination, as well as train one's reflexes. Climb for the top scorer's position or try to complete all the levels as you play.

History of Skill Games

Since the creation of video games, objectives have been placed for you to accomplish. Score the highest, do not lose lives, or save princesses. Depending on the game, sometimes it takes perseverance, a tremendous amount of concentration, and developing the right combination of skills to beat a game. Josef Kates created the earliest demonstrated electronic game in 1950. Bertie the Brain was an arcade game for the 1950's Canadian National Exhibition. The game is a Tic-Tac-Toe featuring an AI opponent with an adjustable difficulty setting. The game was a success, unfortunately, after a two-week exhibition, it was dismantled and largely forgotten, only to be considered as a passing novelty. While most games were just digital versions of popular board games, 1958 introduced a milestone, Tennis for Two was created solely for entertainment rather than a demonstration of technology advancement. Just as the name implies, the game features the same rule as your traditional tennis game. You can control the angle of your shots with controllers, as the game simulated the ball's trajectory, even giving you the possibility of hitting the net. This game tests the players' ability to determine the other's next move while trying to score. Other games in the 1980s created more fun versions of skill games where the player can play with a friend or an electronically controlled avatar and develop his hand and eye coordination, spatial awareness, and strategy. Currently, people still use video games as an escape to solve problems. Even medical practitioners agree that playing video games develop your reading development, fitness, and hand and eye coordination skills. No complicated controls, just pure skill-testing fun.

Sharpen your Abilities - Awesome Skill Games to Try

Flippy Bottle: Experience the fun of an early 2012 phase as you move along platforms, and prevent your bottle from breaking. This game will test your timing with minimal spills!

Island Survival 3D: It's vacation time, bring your multicolored ball and prevent it from falling into the water, collect glowing checkpoints to reach the end of the level.

Prudent Movement: Don't hit the walls and try to maximize your moves. Think ahead so you can get to the hole on the other side of the screen. The game features one-hand gameplay and minimal design to develop your critical thinking!

One Screen Run: Jump and jump some more. Avoid the spikes and move through dozens of levels in this cute game. Take control of our tiny hero and collect the coins as you go.

Sliced - Avoid that saw cutting you in half! Move alongside a square room with over-the-top camera angles and get those diamonds and score some more.

Rollout – Ready for intense ball rolling good time? Rollout tests your reaction times in this fast-paced puzzle that moves quicker than the speed of light.

Skill Games will always be considered just a passing craze, but the replayability, minimalist design, and catchy tunes will indeed have you coming back for more.