Point & Click Games

Play some of the most immersive point and click games that only require you to hit one or two keys on your console. Not all complex games require complicated controls. Admit it, who has the time to learn all these hotkeys? Solve mysteries, uncover the secrets, complete the puzzles, go on a wild adventure, or avoid all obstacles and hazards with only your mouse! So get your mouse ready and clean your mouse pads as you try to catch some of the most exciting free Point & Click Games we have to offer.

Best Point & Click Games

What are Point & Click Games?

Point & Click Games is a category covering all games that you can play with only your mouse. Also known as "Mouse-Only Games," this category has expanded to include some simple touch / tap games for mobile devices.

Point and click games give you tons of playable time by combining basic commands related to the genre you fancy. Games in this collection include puzzles, text adventures, pictures, and objects you can interact with. Levels require you to put puzzles together and to challenge your inner Sherlock Holmes. Equipped with your wits and a sharp eye for detail, what may look like a random object might be the key to your freedom. Be careful as some games punish you harshly by giving you a time limit or even worse.


Origin and History of Point & Click Games

Point & Click originated from Adventure Games. Contrary to the modern Adventure Games, Point-and-click stems from the genre when there are limitations of the hardware being used. During the early years of game development, developers made use of the available input commands readily accessible, letters, keys, and of course, the mouse. Not only was it easy to navigate, but it made use of the available resources to transport players to a different reality. Originally, point-and-click games stem from a related genre, Text Adventure Games.

David Crowther developed the first version as a distraction for his two daughters. With caving as his hobby, he developed Colossal Cave or Adventure. Move through an elaborate cave system by entering two commands and texts on the screen to describe the result. Leading to other games being developed, like Zork, writing verb and noun commands to take actions in the game. This also gives the player freedom to be transferred to this medieval world and save, quit, or restore the game. In 1984, Macintosh released the Macintosh 128K. This game was revolutionary because it added a mouse to its inventory. This was a sign for Game Makers to the usability of MAC to the genre. Games like Déjà vu, which is set in The Detective novels and movies of the 1940s, offered a point and click action where a static screen is in the background and inventory system. Objects become related to each other. Choices include Examine, Close, Open, and Speak. Once all important details are gathered, the hero can now justify the actions he needs to take.

Engaging Point & Click Games to Try

Most Point and Click games rely on the keen observation of the player, while the backdrop also provides a more accurate setting. In most cases, choices are limited and actions have their consequences. Friday Night at Freddy’s a good example. In this game, you will take the role of a Night Shift Security Guard. The last guard suffered a grim fate and now the management is looking up to you to finish the job. Keep the pizzeria safe, not from the outside but from what's lurking in the inside. Animatronic Animals seem friendly enough but beware as when nighttime comes, those smiles turn into something more sinister. Try to survive for five days, with your sanity and body parts still intact by interacting with the objects around you, without leaving your secured (?) room.

Fancy being the head of the pack? Why not try to lay your hands on the top of the royal hierarchy in Murder: To Kill or Not To Kill. Drop a hammer, wait for his mind to wander, and wham! It will be a burden and if he catches you, as guards will come running to save him. If poking the King is not your fantasy, then try the next best person - your boss! Is the Boss not listening to your bright ideas? Then whack him until he accepts them in Whack your Boss 2! Find the best superhero ability to eliminate the manager. Laser Eyes, Web-Shooters, Ninja Abilities, you can even grab an item from your magic pocket! Choose, escape, and let all that hate fall out!

If violence is not your cup of tea, maybe you can earn honest money with a House Flip. Buy properties, turn them into something inhabitable and sell them for extra moolah, Build your dream home and reputation at the same time. And if you find yourself in an unfavorable situation, then use every bit of resources to escape. Fleeing the Complex offers you a chance to do just that. Henry, the new inmate in The Wall, a complex on an isolated island in the middle of nowhere, will need your smart decisions for the five good endings available. Choose wrong, and you will end up discovering more than 60 failed scenarios. Hilarity ensues as you move through interactions and Flee the Complex.

There are plenty more awesome games with simplistic controls. So open your eyes to the wonder and simplicity of Point-and-Click games. It’s just a click away!