Holiday Games

Get into the spirit of Holiday as you play one of our awesome Holiday Games. Meet up with Santa Clause, dress up for the Halloween, find the missing Easter Eggs, or try your solve a giant turkey puzzle for Thanksgiving. Take a nice long break, sit back, relax, and enjoy our free Holiday-themed Games that are just perfect for the season.

Best Holiday Games

What are Holiday Games?

Holiday Games is a video-gaming category that covers a wide variety of games about Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentines day, Independence Day, Easter, and other major and minor holidays. The more popular the Holiday is, the more games are available for it. Most of our Holiday-themed Games is about Christmas and Halloween. This category contains Holiday-specific games such as riding a sledge down the snowy hill and going for a trick-or-treat evening. There are also many spin-offs of popular titles, as well as Holiday-themed game parodies.


Winter Festivals

When we talk about Holidays, Christmas is the first thing that comes to our mind - and with good reasons! And you know what else comes to mine during Christmas? Food, Sweets, and chocolates! Unfortunately, even Santa is not immune to toothache. Help Santa, the reindeer, and all the elves with their teeth problems in Christmas Dentist. Be sure to help all of them or risk having a delayed celebration this year. Wintertime is never complete without a massive snowball fight! In Snowfight.IO, you can go on a wild snowball fighting competition with dozens of players from across the globe. Avoid incoming snowballs and try to roll a giant snowball to squash the other players across the map while you collect candies and void bears.

Spooky Holidays

Halloween is perhaps the second most popular holiday every year. It's probably because people use it as an excuse to dress up as their favourite super-hero. Who wouldn't want that, right? With Newspaper Boy Halloween Night, you'll have the chance to be the scariest newspaper boy in history. Throw pumpkins and break windows in the most satisfying trick-or-treat game of your life. If you are looking for a parody filled Horror game, then look no further than Troll Face Quest: Horror 2. This troll-filled puzzle game is full of funny parodies of popular horror movies and scenes covered in absurd puzzles that you might not be able to solve directly. For the girls out there who don't like getting scared, use this opportunity to dress up as a sweet princess or a nice witch! Take inspiration from the dress-up game Halloween Lily!

Love is in the Air

February is a lovely month for those who are romantic! But it has quite the opposite effect on those who are alone again during the month. Help Raven, Beastboy, and Cyborg as they fight off the love that's invading the Teen Titan Tower in Titanic Heartbreak! Destroy all the hearts that are making the Titans uncomfortable!

Make your holidays memorable by playing one of our Free Holiday Games. These games are available all year round - free to play.