Golf Games

No time to get to the field? From playing realistic golf simulations to hopping around with popular cartoon characters across the vast sea of grass, we have it all for you. Drive through courses with a popular athlete or take the cartoony and scenic route as you play one of our Free Golf Games. Take the fairway and put those clubs into good use. Put your eye on the ball and focus your shot on getting that ever-elusive hole in one!

Best Golf Games

What are Golf Games?

Golf Games are a collection of sports-themed games that focus on golf, its rules, and its mechanics. Most of the games in this category are simulations, while others feature exaggerated versions of the sport. Games include recognizable characters shooting on a lazy afternoon to the pros teaching you the basics of the sport. Many Golf-themed games are rendered in bright and vivid environments to stimulate the feel of golf, as well as the feeling of being outdoors. Arcade games and action games which make clever use of the sport's mechanics are also included in this category.


History of Golf in Video Games

Golf is a sport that began in 15th century Scotland. With the origin still a subject of debate, historians trace this back to the Romans, who used only a stick and a leather ball. Some other games from history also resemble golf in some form or another. The king of Scotland even banned the sport because it was said to be a distraction from the citizen's duties. Today, the sport is widely known and highly popular because of The Open Championship or British Open, The Masters, The US Open, and PGA Championship held in the United States. Of course, its popularity also made its way to video games. The first golf video game called Computer Golf! was produced by Magnavox and released in the Magnavox Odyssey console in 1978, followed by Pro Golf 1 for Apple II console. As time goes by, more and more golf-themed video games were produced, with the Mario Golf and Tiger Woods golf series being the most popular franchises.

Fantastic Golf Games to Try

If you are new to the sport and would love to know the ins and outs of the game, video games offer some of the most approachable ways of learning things. Take these games, for example, Bouncy Clubs: We Bare Bears starts you off in a gameboard setting where you need to slide one of the brothers in the striped flag. That's 18 Levels of bear skidding, where each level gives you the opportunity of earning stars. The fewer shots you take the more stars you earn. Another similar game with fun characters is the Ultimate Mini-Golf Universe. This fantastic game is chock full of your favorite Nickelodeon stars in a top-down version of mini-golf. take the lead with Spongebob, take that shot, and put the ball inside that fancy pineapple house. Unlock new stages such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the Loud House.

Hole in Clone lets you shoot a copy of yourself to move through the course, play 12 levels of 2D arcade-style platforming combined with cool golfing action. Want some eye-catching golf gameplay? Arcade Golf: Neon provides a minimal level design with glowing colors and tons of retro fun. Drag further to put power in that drive. If arcade is not your thing, then maybe you want to try the Mini Putt series, good for testing your golfing skills. The game features three different iterations of challenges, with Mini Putt 3 as the latest in our library, but still chock full of golf goodness. 

So let’s go on a golfer’s diet and live on greens by playing our awesome Golf Games.