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Dive into a world filled with cute characters, floating hearts, delicious candies, and colourful rainbows! Our wide selection of Free Girl Games includes fashion dress-up games, cute pet games, cooking simulations, romantic visual novels, girly bubble shooters and puzzlers, make-up and salon simulations, and a lot more. These games are created for your cute little girls to play, learn, and have fun in their wonderful world. 

Best Girl Games

What are Girl Games?

Girl Games, or Girl Video Games, is a video-gaming genre developed to appeal to young girls. While most games are designed to be male-oriented, Girl Games are often stylized with vibrant art, cute characters, and a happy, colourful theme. Most Dress-up and Cooking Games belong under this category, as well as many Medical Simulations. This gaming genre also includes Dating Sims and Visual Novels with a female lead, as well as some action games with a cool heroine as the main protagonist.


History of Girl Games

Since the beginning of gaming history, the industry of video games has been dominated by games with boys and young males as their primary target audience - thus creating an abundance of games catered to the boy's tastes. By November 1990, several developers collaborated to appeal to the girl's market - calling it the 'girls' game movement. The movement led to an influx of girl-themed titles, especially Dress-Up, Simulations, and Doll Games.

During 1995, a series of games released by Purple Moon tried to appeal to young girls. These so-called "Purple Games" were later criticized by feminists who considered the games too prescriptive because of their stereotypical approach to female interests.

While it is a fact that people regard female gamers as a minority during the early years, it is also true that the gender ratio became almost equal as time passes. A 2010 survey even showed that female gamers make up nearly half of the gamers and players around the world.

Cuteness Overload - Pet Games

Dogs, cats, hamsters, birds, and all the other animals are cute. But none of them can be compared to the majesty of the unicorns. Cute Unicorn Care allows you to take care of these loveable creatures by giving them proper treatment. Help the little unicorns get back to their feet by healing them of their bumps and scratches, and making them clean and sparkly again. In Unicorn Family Simulator: Magic Horse World, girls can experience what it's like to live in a magical world as a colourful unicorn. Protect your unicorn family and use your mystical powers to spread rainbows across the sky. 

Fashion and Style - Fashion Games

If you talk about fashion, there are no characters that are more fashionable and popular than the Disney Princesses. And among the princesses, Elsa and Anna of Arendelle are among the most popular of them all. In Elsa and Anna Brides, your goal is to make the two the most beautiful girls for their wedding. If you are looking for a more personal approach to fashion, then you can check out Live Portrait Maker. This fantastic game allows you to create your very own female avatar and style her however you want. The game features a beautiful 2D art with dozens of options to choose.

Inspiring Professions - Simulations

What is the most inspiring profession you can think of? Ask any young girl and most of them will probably say something that involves food! And when it comes to food, the cake will always be on top. In Cake Shop 2, you will manage an automated cake store in the city of Yummyville. Make your customers happy, earn a profit, and eat a cake - perfection! But don't indulge in sweets too much or you'll end up having a sore throat and become the next patient in Funny Throat Surgery.

Our vast selection of Free Girl Games offers a wide variety of fun and entertainment catered and explicitly designed for young girls and women with juvenile hearts. So what are you waiting for? Choose a cute game and start your day full of girl power.