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Is your situation making you feel down? Then prepare to forget your problems as you play our free Funny Games and Awesome Silly Games. Get a dose of some silly jokes, slap-stick comedy, clever puns, and witty remarks. Witness a variety of funny parodies and hilarious physics ragdolls and just enjoy the moment. After all, laughter is the best medicine, right?

Best Funny Games

What are Funny Games?

Funny Games is a general gaming category that covers a multitude of games without regards to their video-game genre. As long as the game is entertaining, wacky, witty, crack some jokes, and can make the players laugh and feel good, then that game will no doubt belong to this category. Our wide selection of cool Funny Games hail from a variety of genres including action, puzzle, adventure, and even arcade games, so we can guarantee that you'll find a videogame that will rest on your tickle spot.


We can say that the main point of playing games is to have fun and be entertained. Funny Games is a collection of games that aims for the enjoyment of its players. Whether it is through telling a simple joke, doing hilarious acts, making funny faces, or a doing complex and elaborate prank - all these games have one thing in common: they are undoubtedly fun!

Brain Farts - Funny Puzzle Games

Many games can tickle your brain through witty remarks and puzzle pieces. One of these games is the World's Easyest Game. This game will ask you a series of questions where the answer is not usually what it seems. The game features a total of 100 tricky questions, and you can only have nine mistakes. The game uses unconventional means of answering, and you must use both the mouse and the keyboard to answer some very tricky questions. Trollface Quest: USA Adventure is another entry to the popular Trollface Quest game series. This puzzle game features tons of parody about the American culture, humour, and even politics.

Unsanitary Humor - Funny Toilet Games

For some reason, children (and some adults) find being dirty funny - and they laugh at dirty diapers, smelling socks, and even toilet floaters. If you or your young ones are into those kinds of games, then you'll adore There's Poop in my Soup: Pooping with Friends. In this game, you'll stand on top of a tall building and poop at people below! Whether they are slurping some ice cream or eating a delicious soup, you must ruin their day in the most unsanitary way! You may also play as the poop itself in Poop Adventures. Learn what happens after the toilet is flushed and go on a wild and dirty adventure as a freshly made poop.

The things you can do - Silly Simulations

Simulation Games are known for giving its players some freedom - and that can become funny real quick. In Surgeon Simulator 2013, you will play as a Nigel Burke who must perform delicate surgery. Unfortunately, you're not a surgeon and doesn't have a background in anything medical-related. Use the tools at hand to perform complex heart transplant to the poor half-dead patient. Parents would also love the hilarious two-player simulation game called Who's Your Daddy. In this game, one player must play as the Daddy who is in charge of keeping the baby safe, while the other player must take on the role of the baby, who must do everything to get himself into trouble.

What are you still reading here for? Pick a game and start having fun.