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Is your situation making you feel down? Then prepare to forget your problems as you play our free Funny Games and Awesome Silly Games. Get a dose of some silly jokes, slap-stick comedy, clever puns, and witty remarks. Witness a variety of funny parodies and hilarious physics ragdolls and just enjoy the moment. After all, laughter is the best medicine, right?

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What are Funny Games?

Funny Games is a general gaming category that covers a multitude of games without regards to their video-game genre. As long as the game is entertaining, wacky, witty, crack some jokes, and can make the players laugh and feel good, then that game will no doubt belong to this category. Our wide selection of cool Funny Games hail from a variety of genres including action, puzzle, adventure, and even arcade games, so we can guarantee that you'll find a videogame that will rest on your tickle spot.