Dress-up Games

Are you looking for an idea for your next cool dress? Then be inspired as you try to become the city's top fashion designer. Dress up celebrities, idols, princesses, superheroes and even animals. Our wide selection of free Dress-Up games will entertain both girls and boys. Pick a game and reveal your creativity by mixing and matching outfits, accessories, hairstyles, and even tattoos. You can also create your very own avatar and customise it to your heart's content.

Best Dress-up Games

What are Dress-up Games?

Dress-Up Games is a video-gaming category involving dressing up various characters and avatars, whether it's for a fashion show, a date, or just browsing the closet. This category is dominated by games for girls and includes make-ups, fashion shows, animals, and other cute things. Although a few in numbers, there are also Gender-neutral Dress-up Games such as suiting up superheroes and creating anime avatars. Most popular Dressing Up games include characters from animated films like Disney Princesses and sensational TV series and animations like Naruto, Bleach, and other Cross overs.


History of Dress-Up Games

Dressing up dolls and paper dolls have always been a favourite past-time of little girls. By adding articles of clothing, small children, and even adults, can role-play into the character they want. In the middle of 1990, webmasters and developers began creating interactive dress-up games. One of the most famous examples is the Kisekae System Sets (KiSS) that was developed and released in Japan back in 1991. This program allows for the creation of virtual paper dolls that users can customize. KiSS became so sensational that its popularity reached outside Japan.

The introduction of Adobe Flash Player technology changed the course of Dress-Up Games. This revolutionary platform gave game developers their wings. As a result, this new media gave birth to a myriad of game creators, and of course, their countless games - leading to an oversupply of dress-up games. By 2010, websites dedicated to dress-up flash games, and the new generation of video games that pushed the boundaries of the standard dress-up games started to pop up. 

Benefits of Fashion Simulation and Dress-Up Games

Simulated gameplay pushes the players' creativity by giving them freedom on the things they can't normally do in real life. Dressing up is one great example. Fashion games have a myriad of clothes, apparels, accessories, and other clothing articles that one can't usually possess. On top of that, Dess-Up Girl Games also develops a sense of style and fashion to little children, and give them a healthy fashion outlet and inspiration. You might just discover that you or your children have a knack for it.

Fantastic Dress-Up Games to Try

When it comes to fashion shows, nothing beats the appeal of the Disney princesses! In Disney Beauty Pageant, you will have the chance to dress up Elsa and Anna from Frozen, and even Rapunzel from Tangled. You will be competing with other players, and the one with the highest judges' score will win.

Gacha Life is a fantastic game with cute chibi anime characters. This game offers a wide variety of fashion outfits and accessories, including weapons and armours! A perfect video game for anime fans who wish to create their avatar. Another game that stems from popular Anime-styled genre is Monster Girl Maker. This popular game allows users to create their unique monster girls -with horns, tails, scales, and all.

Have you ever thought of dressing up your dogs into funny and adorable costumes? In My Puppy, you can do just that. This friendly game even allows you to change the dog's fur colour - a thing you can't accomplish easily in real life.

Not all Dress-Up Games are for girls and girls at heart. Mecha Dress Up is a cool game for young boys and robot enthusiasts. In this game, you can create and build your very own giant robot by merely clicking on the parts you want to change. The game includes dozens of leg pieces from bi-pedal to spider-legs, weapons, head parts, and more.