Cooking Games

Create your style of food from scratch, follow a step by step process, or mix a variety of ingredients to come up with a new recipe. These are just some of the things you can do in our wide selection of free Cooking Games. Start with grilling burgers from mini stalls to handling multiple customers at fast-food chains, and steadily reach an experience where you can create your cuisine at a 5-star restaurant. Whether your customers are humans, animals, or zombies, you can fill their hunger for food and be a chef that everyone will look up to.

Best Cooking Games

What are Cooking Games?

Cooking games are video games that are related to food, cooking, and cocktail mixing. Games that belong in this category are mostly singleplayer. Many Cooking Games focus on the player's time management and memory skills where the player is tasked to either follow an organized step-by-step guide to create or serve food. Time is the enemy to beat. Fulfilling a customer's hunger, collecting payment for the food, and making sure that they are satisfied with the service are also one of the factors that make this type of games challenging and fun. Cooking Simulations have a more realistic approach as they allow the players to exercise freedom and creativity in cooking.


Many believe that cooking began millions of years ago when primitive humans were able to conquer fire. Placing a big chunk of meat over a fire makes it tastier and easier to digest. Thus, the era of cooking began, and it has now evolved significantly. However, cooking didn't stop at the kitchen, it also made its way to videogames - giving birth to an entire genre that we all love.

Free Cooking Games to Try

Cooking Games like Toastelia will give you a clear understanding that the method of creating food today is no longer dependent on a single process; instead, each consumer now has their own preference for how they want their food prepared.

We also have cooking games that have sub-genres, so you'll be able to choose a task that piques your interest. Papa Louie is a popular restaurant simulation game where he owns multiple restaurant branches, and each branch offers different services. This series of games will test your speed in handling numerous customers and have different orders that must be prepared quickly. If you earn enough cash, you can purchase some equipment that will help you lessen the pressure as you progress on the game. Examples of Papa Louie's games are Papa's Bakeria, which is a bakery located in the center of Whiskview Mall, and Papa's Taco Mia where the player runs a taco store.

Death Row Diner is also a fun task-based game where you need to have good time management skills. This game allows you to take control of a lady in charge of serving prison food. You focus mainly on completing a series of basic chores, such as serving food, cleaning after they eat, and breaking fights when needed. The amount of wave increases each time you advance on the game, which makes it more challenging.

Another unique game is the Youda Survivor 2. This is a survival game with a touch of cooking needed. In this game, you explore the island by completing the required tasks on each level. A series of prerequisite tasks are done before you can complete the main task. Finishing each job in a short period gives you more significant rewards. The rewards can be used to unlock items that will help you advance and survive at higher levels.

So who's cooking? You are! Pick a game from our library of Cooking Games and start getting busy in the kitchen.