Challenge Games

Triumph over a herculean task by completing seeming unfair challenges that will test the users' absolute abilities to the fullest. Set a new record as you compete with other players who are facing the same sets of problems and obstacles. Polish your skills as you attempt to overcome the ordeal before you. Will you dare to play our difficult Challenge Games and prove to the world that you have what it takes?

Best Challenge Games

What are Challenge Games?

Challenge Games are a collection of difficult games that provide a variety of challenges to the players. Most games in this category are extremely taxing to the players and demand full concentration. Challenges can either be physical, like testing the player's reaction speed and hand-and-eye coordination, or mental challenges in a form of difficult puzzles. Sometimes, these challenging games are designed to be extremely unfair with no prior clues or with only little warnings. These games require a lot of trial and error and failing is the only way to progress with the game.


If you are eager to accomplish something great, then taking on a difficult game and overcoming the challenges is a good way to test your skills and your nerves, and breakthrough your limits. Our wide selection of Challenge Games comes from all gaming genres including shooting games, puzzle games, platformer games, and more. If you have an area in gaming that you want to prove to yourself or to others, or just want to get a little frustrated this afternoon, then browse through the huge variety of difficult games and try your best.

Nothing beats a great challenge than one where your life is at stake. Horror Games are known to be generally challenging as it scares the players and puts them in a difficult and uncomfortable position. The popular indie horror game series 'Five Nights at Freddy's' is among the most difficult. Abbreviated as FNaF, the first game was released back in 2014 by the independent developer Scott Cawthon. This gaming series gave birth to frightening animatronic characters that have a tendency to commit murder if left alone. In this game, you must fend off the animatronics using doors, lights, and cameras to make sure none of them can get close to you before morning.

Cuphead Online is a fantastic retro-styled arcade game with gorgeous hand-drawn cartoon animation. The original Cuphead video game was developed by StudioMDHR and was released back in 2017. This beautiful game is noted for its high-level difficulty that even seasoned gamers find difficult. But players who are truly looking for a challenge should look no further than Unfair Mario 2. This fan-made platformer game is based on the Super Mario franchise and features unrealistic levels with hidden traps, missing platforms, and unfair level design that can drive people crazy. However, if you don't like the stress and the frustrations that come with difficult challenges, then try your hands on The Worlds Easyest Game. Despite the misleading title, this game actually features very easy questions. However, the answers may not be as straight forward as one would expect.