Trivia Games

Answer questions regarding video game lore, pop culture, not-so-current affairs, and everything else in between! Prove that brains are always better than brawn as you try to take on the challenges that have the others stumbling. All that physical stuff goes out of the window as you try to dominate the scene with your big head and sexy mind. Complete tricky word puzzles, answer some Q&As, and complete the crossword! Flex your way onto the best Trivia Games our library has to offer.

Best Trivia Games

What are Trivia Games?

In video games, Trivia Games refer to the subgenre of Puzzle Games. Commonly referred to as Quiz Puzzles or Word Puzzles, this genre tests more than your hand and eye coordination, as it focuses on what counts - the muscle between your ears. Most games in this category are your traditional question-and-answer, while many come in the forms of crosswords, spelling games, and more. Answer correctly to move on and get more digital currency while learning new facts about anything under the sun. Trivia games possess a different kind of pull from normal games, and they can be a great way to learn new things and exercise your brain muscles.


Origin of Trivia Games

The first known trivia game was appropriately named 'Trivia'. Created on February 5, 1965, by Ed Goodgold and with the help of Dan Carlinksy, the game generated questions to challenge the player's knowledge of all things. During the 1980s, video game developers were constantly looking for ways to engage players in a world created by technology - this resulted in the creation of Trivia-type video games. As the years went by, developers started adding trivia elements to other types of games by asking players questions that would affect the game's outcome. 

Knowledge is your Power

Trivia Games, also known as Word Puzzles, or Quiz Video games, come in a variety of forms - not just your traditional Q&A. There are plenty of games that will test your analytical and practical thinking. So take some time to play some of the cool free Trivia games in our library and give those sexy muscles something to work on. 

Trivia King – Play with your family and show them that you know more about movies, entertainment, and history than anyone in the room. Customize by adding your favorite categories and prove to everyone that staying in your room all-day will eventually pay off! 

The Impossible Quiz – This game not only relies on the information that you know but also relies on your common sense. Be smart and resourceful as you undertake this tricky challenge!

Guess Who – Find out who is the mystery person! Take a guess, get it right, and collect achievements. How well do you know each character? Find out more about popular characters as you play.

Akinator – Are you not easily convinced with mind readers? This game will prove to you that thoughts are powerful, and they can be read - with the help of some clever algorithms. In this game, you must think of any fictional or non-fictional character, answer some questions, and let the Genie guess the character that you thought of. Be ready to be mesmerized, as this game will give a spin to your usual Trivia Game.

Millionaire Quiz – When a million-dollar is at stake, the pressure will eat you to making the wrong choice! This cool game is based on a popular TV show. Answer correctly and win one million virtual dollars. Make no mistake, as the stakes will be higher. If you're having trouble, then use your lifelines and get that moolah! 

The Ultimate Video Game Quiz Challenge - NES - How well do you know your SNES characters? Start paying attention to the games you play and add up that knowledge so you can answer the questions from this game correctly. Right answers will not only provide you with points but also some sweet bragging rights! 

The mind is not something you should waste. Just like every other muscle in our body, our mind needs to take a daily stretch. So pick one of our Trivia Games for the day and get ready to buff that grey matter and show everyone that your brain is powerful!