Parking Games

Life seems like a big puzzle that must all fit together, and the same thing is true when looking for that elusive parking space! Our huge library of Free Parking Games includes levels that will induce your road rage and run your adrenaline levels to an all-time high. The struggle is real! Avoid bumping into other cars as you squeeze your vehicle to that tiny little space in the corner. Do you have what it takes to park like a pro?

Best Parking Games

What are Parking Games?

Parking Games will put you behind the wheel where your goal is to park the vehicle to a designated spot. Also known as Parking Simulation Games, games in this category will let players assume the role of a valet, truck driver, parking attendant, and other similar jobs that deal with parking cars. On top of navigating through narrow spaces, some games add more challenges like having collectible stars, adding new goals, and implementing a time limit on each level. Just like in reality, the type of vehicle affects the difficulty in operating and driving - making big vehicles like trailer trucks tough to park.


Types of Parking Games

It can be observed that Parking Games are divided into four different types: Puzzles, Simulations, Arcade, and Time Management /Strategy.

Parking Puzzles have a similar game mechanic to the classic Unblock sliding puzzler, but instead of blocks and bricks, you'll be controlling cars. The mobile-friendly game called Parking Block and Unblock the Car are prime examples of this type.

As the name implies, Parking Simulations tries to imitate the reality of parking and the challenge of it. These games mostly use realistic vehicle controls, rules, and scenarios. Russian Car Driver is one of the most popular Parking Games belonging to this type. This game gives you different modes to enjoy the Russian countryside. On the other hand, Arcade-style Parking Games have unrealistic controls, over-the-top physics, and crazy goals not bound by rules (i.e., allowing the player to crush other cars or run over the pedestrians). Crazy Parking belongs to this type. Crazy Parking is a physics-based parking game where you must fling your car towards the parking area.

Lastly, Time Management /Strategy Parking Games takes the player outside of the steering wheel. Rather than controlling a single vehicle, the player must direct multiple vehicles and drivers to avoid accidents. An example of this type is Air Traffic Chief. In this game, the player must manage a busy airport to avoid accidents and make sure that everything runs smoothly from parking to take-off. 

Elements of a Parking Game

All parking games have one similar goal - find a spot to park! Below are the game elements commonly found on Parking Games.

  • Have a Vehicle to Park - whether it is a car, a truck, an airplane, or a ship. This is the most obvious element present in all of the games in the category - no exceptions!
  • Easy to learn controls – no need for a booklet of complicated control schemes. However, some hardcore simulation games are an exception.
  • Demand for Multi-tasking - Parking is a demanding task and requires the operator to look in all directions and respond to any sudden changes in the immediate surrounding.

Playing Parking Games is challenging and sometimes frustrating, but they are undeniably fun. On top of that, parking techniques can be used in real life - for the realistic ones, of course. If you are a perfectionist driver, or love hitting the mark, then pick a game and drive away.