Math Games

Add, subtract, multiply, or divide! Solve a variety of numerical puzzles that will test and hone your skills. Along with a bunch of fantastic math puzzles, our selection of Mathematical games includes a variety of Strategy Games, Board Games, Quizzes, War Games, and thrilling Action Games. Whoever said that math couldn't be fun has clearly never played one of our free Math Games!

Best Math Games

What are Math Games?

Math Games is a gaming subcategory that covers all kinds of mathematical games and puzzles that involve numbers and counting. Games that belong in this category use a clear mathematical parameter in their rules, game mechanics, and outcome. This category also includes many board games like Yatzy and Mancala, real-life paper puzzlers like Sodoku, and simple games that use basic math procedures like Tic-Tac-Toe, and Dots and Boxes.

Math Games belong to the main gaming category called Children's Educational Video Games, or Educational Games.


Engaging Math Games to Try

Not all educational games are boring. These games will not only stimulate your mind but will also give you an enjoyable experience. If you are on a quick break, you can sharpen your mind by trying out these awesome Math Games.

Baldi's Infinite Math Quiz is a simple math game that is hard to complete. This game will have you doing addition and subtraction with huge numbers. You must also quickly solve the questions before the time runs out or you'll risk making Baldi angry. And believe us, you don't want Baldi to be angry. Fortunately, unlike the Game it was based on, this game doesn't have any jump scares or horror elements into it, so you can have your little ones play it. If you are looking for a more action-packed game, then you might enjoy Gate. Gate is a skill-based action game that requires fast computation skills. The goal of the game is to free the wandering corrupted spirits and give them peace by matching number found on your enemies with the value of your magical power.

Twelvesmith is an engaging puzzle game where your goal is to create a block with a numerical value of twelve. The rules are quite simple, but you must plan your moves, or you'll get stuck and run out of tiles. Challenge yourself by getting the goal value with the least amount of try.


Educational Math Games for the Young Ones

If you want to remove the negative stigma of numbers from your child, then you must incorporate learning with fun and engaging activities. These games feature cute graphics and simple easy-to-solve math problems that will make your child love the subject even more than you do.

Feed Math is an arcade math puzzler where you must help the well-fed boy eat all the delicious Japanese food by answering questions that can easily be solved by basic addition. The Game can also be played on mobile phones and tablets - making it a perfect educational companion for your little one on the go. You can also increase your child's awareness and familiarity with numbers by giving them a calculator to play on. Calculator the Game is a fantastic little game where the goal is to get the desired numbers by using simple mathematical formulas.

Our vast library of games has something for you and your young companion. So go ahead and tickle your brain cells with these awesome Math Games.