Bloons Games

We won't be bursting your bubble! Get ready to save the world, defend your base, or work as a spy with balloons. Solve puzzles by popping identical balloons, float in the air as a dazzling maestro, or shoot down the enemies riding on these unique air-filled vehicles. Bloons will take you on a journey that you have not been in. Pump your flexible bag with air or gas for a rising good time.

Best Bloons Games

What are Bloons Games?

Bloons Games is a genre of video game focused on one thing: Balloons. Whether as a vehicle to get over certain obstacles, an attack ship bound to destroy another’s base or as a means to find artifacts for your next adventure, this genre deals with all sorts of games that featured the use of balloons in any given setting. Look at things from a higher perspective - literally! This gaming category provides a take on video games from a fun-filled point of view.


Origin of Balloons in Video Games

Michael Faraday created Bloons or Balloons in 1824 while conducting experiments in various gases and used them inside his lab. You can fill balloons with helium, hydrogen, nitrous, or oxygen. Since the beginning of gaming history, balloons have always existed as forms of confetti, effects, or celebratory decorations. It wasn't until 1984 that Nintendo introduced a game called Balloon Fight. In this game, The player controls a fighter with two balloons attached to his helmet. Pressing the buttons will make the player's avatar rise into the air by flapping his arm. Winning the game requires the player to take care of the avatar's balloons and the avatar itself. The term "Bloons" was popularized by the 2007 tower defense strategy game, namely - Bloons. In this game, the player controls a monkey armed with various weapons to pop as many enemy balloons as possible. 

Start Pumping or Prepare for Some Poppin'! 

Bloons Tower Defense 5 is the fifth version of the popular Bloons game. The game features new levels, new enemies, and even more balloon types to pop. Pump all the firepower and defend your base against a swarm of enemy balloons. Earn goodies with super abilities and blast all those coming your way.

Are you ready for an adventure? Amigo Pancho 7 features Indiana Jones-style gameplay! Collect artifacts in pyramids, and retrieve ever-important items for your biggest idol - Indiana Jones himself. 

Pop Pop Rush is a match-3 puzzle game featuring, you guessed it, balloons! The game has your traditional match-three features, including upgrades, special blocks, and more. 

Are you scared by some creepy crawlers crawling your way? Wait 'til they start flying! Reign of Centipede is a cool shoot'em up arcade game where you must pop those balloon-looking centipedes floating up in the sky with your trusty pistol. Strengthen your defenses and recruit more soldiers to fight better. 

As the ruler of the land, it is your duty to protect your people against barbaric invasions. King's Strike is a beautiful tower defense game where the king must get his hands dirty. Where are the balloons, you ask? Find them out yourself, your majesty.

Ride on your balloon vehicle as you tour around the world in Michelle Saves the World. This fantastic strategy game features eighteen challenging levels to overcome.

Balloons might be filled with hot gas, but Bloons Games are filled with adventure. So hold on tight, and get ready for some bursting.